Tuesday 31 July 2012

Death comes for All trailer

Death comes for all. Nothing special since we are all going to die one day? Not when Death is a beast on a horse with a huge-ass Scythe!

Epic soundtrack.. I see War or is it? Looks like a dark version of War. I also see Samael. Super cool fella. This is the first time I'm seeing War and Samael in Darksiders 2. There were hints that they will make an appearance but seeing is believing, don't you think? Still no sign of the other 2 horsemen though.

Come to think of it, Darksiders 2 is just 2 weeks away. Time really flies. I need to stop blogging and play through the first Darksiders again. Not easy when I'm hooked on Max Payne 3's multiplayer and Diablo 3.

Source: Youtube (DarksidersCommunity)

My Collection pics

Finally done with the photo-taking and editing. All pictures of my collection are up.

I'm using Photobucket to host the images and organized them into a slideshow for viewing. Initially wanted to  use Flickr for the slideshow but I forgot all about it and only realised it half-way through editing. Oh well, I'll see how it goes for now. The slideshow on Photobucket seems fine at the moment. Only did basic editing like cropping and re-sizing, not much of a photo editor.

Hope you guys like it, do leave me comments. I have hardly received any comments at all. Hopefully I can get to know my readers better, if they are any at all.

My Collection page is here

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Shoutout from Syco and Blog Updates

Quick and short post.. Received a Shout-out from Syco Collectibles regarding my "review" of their Ermac Premium Format Statue. Many thanks to them for that. Will try to do a better review and more pics the next time round. I have quite a few of their previously released statues so I might consider doing the same with those statues if people are interested.

Also, I'm in the midst of taking pictures of my entire video game collection and uploading them. Had to retake some of them as I didn't like how the photos turned out. Hopefully that will be ready soon. Just to share my collection with everyone. Do check back soon to see the pictures!

A small preview below..

Thursday 19 July 2012

Ermac Premium Format Statue from Syco Collectibles

I'm a huge fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, even though I didn't play the early games in the series that started it all. I only got a Playstation 2 less than 10 years ago and hardly visited the arcades when I was younger. (Sad childhood.. I know!) My first real Mortal Kombat were the movies though I have had heard about Mortal Kombat before that. I remember playing MK: Shaolin Monks, MK: Armageddon and something else before that.. and most hardcore MK fans don't even consider them the best Mortal Kombat games. But I liked MK: Armageddon because of the huge fighter list and the story was a set-up for a reboot.

So when Mortal Kombat 9 came out in 2011, I was stoked. It was a chance for me to start afresh with MK storyline even though the alternate storyline had some differences from the original. Game was good, the lore had me hooked but where were the collectibles? I needed collectibles! I love collecting figurines of video games that I really like, so I needed some. 

At that time the only Mortal Kombat figures of any scale were created by Jazwares. But to be honest, they didn't seem to impress me much. The figures were not out yet so I waited, still contemplating if I should get the not-so-impressive stuff MK figures or just make do with none.

Then came along announcements from Pop Culture Shock and Syco Collectibles that they were gonna do Statues! To cut things short.. Made my deposits on statues from both companies, got my statues from 1 company, waited very long for the other to arrive, wasn't too impressed with the service, decided to stick with one in the end. (That's a tale for another time..)

Anyway, I was very impressed with the awesome customer service from Syco Collectibles as well as the quality of their products. Bought one after another, and just arrived my latest from them yesterday evening.
Ermac from their 18 Inch Premium Format Line!

Comes in 2 poses, with & without the Green Mist feature.

No. 056/250!

We are Many! You are but One!

Really huge & heavy statue. Detail is impressive. The "strings" swaying to the right gives the wind-effect making it seem that Ermac is really conjuring up the souls. I forgot to try out the glow-in-the-dark feature but the eyes should have that effect according to the description at the back. 

The Green Mist feature is the highlight of this statue. I don't have a lot of experience with statues to know if it could have been done better but I like it. 

Sadly I have to pack it back into the box after the "photo-shoot". Don't have space in my current place to put it up for display so it's packed up waiting to be unleashed again when I get my own place. Would have loved to take a picture of it together with the previously released Sub Zero from the same line, which is also packed. 

This line looks promising and with Scorpion, Rain and Cyrax all in various stages of production, I'm hoping my new place is ready soon!

Anyway, if you guys plan to get this piece, do grab it fast. Only 250 were made and I believe not many are left.

More pictures of Ermac here

Hope you guys like my "review". This is my first time attempting a review. Do feel free to comment and contructive criticism is always welcome. Do you want to see more reviews on my other Mortal Kombat statues? Do tell me below.

Edited on 20 July: Posted a link to the Slideshow rather than embedding it here. Not sure why the pictures are randomized when it's embedded. I organized it for a reason!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

My First Affiliate

Just added an affiliate on the right-hand side of this page.

Play-Asia.com is one of those websites that I shop for PS3 games and they have weekly specials which do offer some really good games for real cheap occasionally. They tend to run out fast though, so do be quick. So far, I have had no problems with my purchases from them in the past 3 years or so, ever since I knew about them. It's more for the Asian market and even provide free shipping to Singapore, but they do offer worldwide shipping as well.

They sell games for most consoles, books, music, toys etc. It's more of an entertainment retailer but their focus seems to be on Video Games.

The Good: Really good deals occasionally, US$5 vouchers with every $50 spent, reliable & trustworthy service, really good selection, easy payment modes, wide selection and did I mean Good Deals?!

The Bad: Newly released game prices aren't as good as local (Singapore) retailers, hardly any pre-order stock for collectors editions

The Ugly: Too much anime all over the site!

It's probably a site that you might want to check out if you are looking something. International buyers might be able to get Japanese games from the site. And of course, the weekly specials might just be your favourite thing on the site!

Anyway, the affiliate banner link with their weekly specials is on the right? It's an affiliate program that gives me like 1 cent for every click or something like that. More if you do buy something so if you are not really into charity, just click the link below. Haha!

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Updated 'About Me' Section

Hi all, managed to update the "About Me" section. Just a brief description about myself and what this blog is about. 

Click here to read

Can't think of anything else to add so do feel free to ask questions if you are interested in knowing! 

Monday 9 July 2012

Spec Ops: The Line swag!!!

Ok, here's the gist... I'm a guy who has horrible luck in contests.. No, seriously! I don't win lucky draws, contests, lottery, you name it. Anything that has the component of luck just doesn't include me. Even freebies! They are given out completely before I get one!

So when I was a winner in 2k Games Asia's Spec Ops: The Line contest, I was ecstatic! So what if I had not played the game before. A contest is a contest! Free stuff is Free Stuff! To win something is great, but to actually win something really cool is really unbelievable. 

So I made my way down to 2k Games Asia's office today to collect my prize and was I amazed. Their office is really cool and those guys are really lucky to be working there. The 2 staff, Chris and Diana, who met up with me to pass me the prize, were very friendly and I had a memorable time chatting with them about games and some of their upcoming plans. (Borderlands fans, keep watch out for some very interesting news!) I had a wonderful and memorable experience, even though it was just a short visit. Hope to visit them again sometime soon! So, if you do get a chance to win something and are in their office, don't just grab your prize and rush off. Do seize the opportunity to have a chat with the staff, if they are not too busy of course.

I did check out the game demo and was impressed, reviews are saying the storyline is good. I'll probably be getting this game sometime soon. According to one of the 2k Games Asia's staff, the ending is a "mind-fuck"! 

Anyway, here are the pics of the stuff that I won..

Was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shirt, it's really good and comfortable. To be honest, I have never considered wearing gaming apparel out in public but the T-Shirt is really badass so I'll gladly wear it out. So if you happen to see the person in the picture below, that's me!

Exclusive Content for Borderlands owners

Hurray! Gearbox has announced that if you have a save game of the Original Borderlands 1 game, exclusive customization content will be unlocked for Borderlands 2 as part of its "Vault Veterans" program. Yes, Borderlands 2 will have customization options for your character and of course a thousand billion guns!

Take a look on what you will be unlocking as a "Vault Veteran"

Thursday 5 July 2012

2 New Trailers for Assassin's Creed 3

2 new trailers for your viewing pleasure!

Also details and pic of the new Limited Edition that was announced for the U.S. (If you are counting, that's 5 Editions announced so far and Asia has yet to receive any news about any Editions!)

Who's getting this?!