Wednesday 31 July 2013

Watch Dogs' SDCC 2013 Panel

So you have seen AC IV's panel at SDCC 2013?

Here's another hour of awesome-ness from Ubisoft's other big game, Watch Dogs!

Here we get plenty of info on how the developers got the idea for the game, how technology is perceived in the game and more importantly what it means in the real world. As the presenter, Aisha Tyler, says "Great Science Fiction is based on Real Science!" I have to agree to that, a lot of sci-fi movies/games don't interest me but when you are talking about real-life stuff, it's intriguing and scary.

I embrace technology of course, but having your privacy all in a digital world is worrying. Anyway, that's a topic for another time, probably closer to Watch Dogs release date.

I'm still watching this as I type this post so haven't seen the rest of it yet. Do grab some popcorn if you can for the next hour or so. Definitely worth a watch if you are considering this game!

Monday 29 July 2013

New Features to the Blog?

So... it's been over a year since I started up this blog...

I was thinking of adding some new features to the blog. Quite a few ideas, but not sure if they are necessary or if they will work. So I need some feedback from you guys. 

One of the features I'm thinking of adding is a Facebook Page. Just a page to share the blog posts and a page that readers can follow for updates. Some of you may not like the idea of checking the blog every now and then to see if there's anything new. Currently, I am sharing all posts from my own Facebook account, but you will have to add me as a friend to receive the updates. Might be a little too intrusive for you. 

By "liking" this new Facebook page, you can receive updates like any other pages that you may have liked. I also have heard from some adding comments to the blog is a bit of hassle so maybe commenting on a Facebook page might be easier? What do you guys think? Not necessary? Good idea? Any other suggestions? Do let me know!

Another feature that only came to my mind recently will concern local Singaporean gamers. I was considering doing up a "portal" where it lists all the different stores having Collectors' Editions. For example, a list of stores that have the GTA Collector's Edition, Limited Edition etc.. The pre-order price for each store and any bonuses that they are giving out. So you can compare prices or more importantly know which store has the particular CE that you are looking out for.

Of course, this will be impossible to do it all alone so I'll need plenty of help from fellow readers and as it becomes more popular, maybe even retailers can submit their info into this "database". Just a random thought but I thought it might be useful. Anyone out there willing to help out if I actually do it?

Hmm.. so what else would you like to see here? Recently added the Instagram feature, not too bad I guess. Throw me some suggestions and if it's feasible, I might consider it! Chiku Chiku Enjoy!

Sunday 28 July 2013

An hour of AC IV goodness from SDCC 2013

Here's an hour of footage from SDCC 2013 for Asssassin's Creed IV.

Plenty of good stuff about AC IV, including a few hints here and there about the future Assassin's Creed games.

Here's a preview poster for the Edward Kenway statue coming from McFarlane Toys..
 (All credit goes to StayFree( ' 3') from the CE forums for taking the photo as well as scanning for this pic)

-14 Inches Tall, 12 Inches Wide and 13.75 Inches Deep
-Individually Numbered
-Limited Quantity Available
-360 deg. Rotating Base (I'm liking this!)
-$295, shipping and handling included (Presumably within the US)
-Certificate of Authenticity signed by Todd McFarlane

Pretty cool pose, don't forget to watch the video where you can see the prototype statue live!

Saturday 27 July 2013

New Open-World Gameplay Trailer for AC IV

More than 13 mins of Open-World Gameplay in this new trailer.

Boy, the world is huge! Most of it is sea but the sheer number of Islands means there will be plenty of travelling. Good that there will be "fast travel" points to make it easier but the seas are filled with activities to do like Harpooning and probably ship-wrecks on the seabed.

Assassination Contracts from caged pigeons are back! There is a certain pleasure from retrieving assassination contracts from these pigeons, don't you agree?

The seamless transition from land to sea and then back to land is evident a bit later. Definitely a plus, if it's always as smooth as what we see from the trailer. On the Jackdaw, you also have many options of bombarding the enemy ship. Glad to see Ubisoft put in a lot of effort to make the Naval Battles exciting and realistic. Hopefully, this will make each and every Naval Battle unique. No loading times when you board another ship as well!

I like it that you can choose what to do after taking over the ship. You can add the crew to your own, send the ship to your fleet or even salvage it to repair your Jackdaw.

Treasure hunting, Water Spouts (Tornados in the sea), Mayan Ruins, Pirate Crew recruitment all add to the rich Open-World of Assassin's Creed IV's Caribbean setting.

You will also acquire a new "throwing weapon" in the Assassin's Creed series - Berzerk Darts. It looks to be similar to the poison darts that we have seen in the past games where you hit a guard with one and he goes berzerk on everyone around him. Probably crafted from one of the many poisonous plants/fruits found in the Caribbean.

One of my favourite parts of this trailer is at 08:45. You can get your crew to sing!!! Sea Shanty is what they call it. 

I'm sure this song was very popular among many of us in AC3...

Haul on the Bowline! In AC IV, you can collect Sea Shanties (Hope I spelt that right) for your playlist for your crew to sing. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sail around in circles just listening to all the different songs, long after I complete AC IV.

Hope you guys enjoyed the trailer as much as I did!

Friday 26 July 2013

McFarlane Toys Assassin's Creed Figures Unlockable Content announced!

Ok we have seen the figures... now for the bonus content included in the figures.

Oh and if you haven't seen it..
These are the AC figures listed by McFarlane Toys so far and all of them have some form of bonus content included for Assassin's Creed IV.

Up till now, it was a mystery on what this content will be. 
Well.. the details are finally here..

Unlocked by Edward Kenway action figure
The distinctive Kenway Family Sword hints at its mysterious origins through details such as the iconic crest and eagles on its hilt. Though not the most powerful sword in the game, the Kenway Family Sword is stronger than Edward's starter sword, and will give players an edge when starting out in the harsh Caribbean world of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. 

Unlocked by Haytham Kenway action figure

Give a new look to Edward's standard Assassin robes with this unique dark blue color scheme. Similar to the tailor's dyes of previous Assassin's Creed games, this option recolors Edward's standard outfit in dark blue, with red accents and gold trim. If you're a fan of Haytham from Assassin's Creed III, bring his style into Assassin's Creed IV and customize Edward to match his rebellious son. 

Unlocked by Connor action figure and New York Connor action figure
Edward's grandson, Connor, introduced naval combat to the Assassin's Creed series in Assassin's Creed III -- and now you can bring a dash of Connor's visual style to Assassin's Creed IV. Customize your ship with the distinctive fringe and turquoise accents of these Kanien'kehá:ka-styled sails, and bring a bit of the Aquila to the Jackdaw. 

Unlocked by Blackbeard action figure
In Assassin's Creed IV, Edward encounters a diverse cast of infamous pirates, including the legendary Blackbeard. A master of intimidation, Blackbeard carefully cultivated his frightening appearance, using fear to scare away his enemies. With our Blackbeard action figure, you too can follow Blackbeard's lead. Hoist these dark, stained sails, ripped apart and roughly stitched back together, and give your own ship a horrific style sure to strike fear in the hearts of your foes. 

Unlocked by Benjamin Hornigold action figure
Captain of a large, powerful pirate crew that included the infamous Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold exemplified the style of a 1700s naval captain, complete with mutton chop sideburns and navy blue, gold-trimmed, fearnought jacket. Now you can bring this classic naval look to the Jackdaw with these gold-trimmed sails, inspired by the legendary pirate leader. 

Unlocked by Secret Pirate action figure (Available October 2013) 
There's still one more major character and action figure yet to be revealed. We can confirm that he also unlocks a unique set of sails to customize the Jackdaw, but we can't say anything more just yet! Check back for more information soon...

Unlocked by Ratonhnhaké:ton action figure
Earlier this year, the downloadable adventure, The Tyranny of King Washington, took players beyond the main game of Assassin's Creed III, and introduced an alternate-reality version of Connor known only by his original name, Ratonhnhaké:ton. Our Ratonhnhaké:ton action figure will take players beyond the Assassin's Creed games and into the online world of Assassin's Creed Initiates. Find out more about how to get involved with Initiates throughout the year, and get ready to unlock special exclusive online rewards in Initiates with our Ratonhnhaké:ton action figure. Even after the game ends, the rewards just keep coming! 
So there you have it! All 8 figures announced so far will include the bonus content as listed above. Honestly, you weren't be missing too much without these extra content as all of them, except the "ASSASSIN'S CREED INITIATES ACHIEVEMENT", are cosmetic changes only.

Of course if you do plan to get the figures for your collection, then this bonus is definitely pretty cool. You telling me extra content isn't cool? (You can always give it to me, I'm sure I can pass it on to someone who would love it!) 

For those in Singapore, if you are looking to get these figures, you can always check out my previous post.


Thursday 25 July 2013

Noob Saibot Exclusive Statue from Syco Collectibles

Got a new statue from Syco Collectibles! 

Cool statue! Even cooler back-drop eh?!

Noob Saibot Exclusive 10 Inch Statue from Syco Collectibles! The Exclusive comes with his clone, depicting Noob Saibot's MK9 winning pose.

A closer look..
The clone is given a translucent look which works I guess.
Face (Mask) sculpt is rather accurate to the in-game character model so I'm pleased with that. 

A look at the base shows the Pyramid of Argus from Mortal Kombat Armageddon. I still don't understand the reasoning behind the decision to put a mini-pyramid in between Noob Saibot and his clone though... Many were complaining about that decision so I don't know why they decided against changing it. 

A back-view...
Got #154 from an Edition Size of 200

A fascinating character, Noob Saibot from the MK Universe. He has become one of my favourite characters, along with Scorpion and Cyrax, after Mortal Kombat 9. Also a very fun character to play as!

As much as I love this statue, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth after the Syco Collectibles saga. Word is that they have lost the Mortal Kombat license as well so it seems like we won't be seeing many more from them.

I know, to some established statue collectors, the quality of these were never up to standard so it's not going to be a loss to them. But as a Mortal Kombat fan and one of those who really appreciated the new MK9 designs, I have to say I'm disappointed. Maybe I'm easy to please but the desire for Mortal Kombat figures made me want these badly.

Oh well...

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Even more Stuff from SDCC 2013!

 Of course I'm not done yet with SDCC!

Remember that pic that was hiding behind the Edward Kenway statue?
Well, a better pic has been found by Lily again from the CE forums.

(Credit to the photographer for this pic)

Well here's the full list of Assassin's Creed figures from McFarlane. So guess there aren't many new figures like I thought...
Thought it has been revealed that one of the 2 secret pirates is Benjamin Hornigold and the other is expected to be Black Bart, both of whom are real-life legendary pirates. 

Another figure that was shown before is Connor in his New York Outfit. The Blackbeard figure seems to be exclusive to the Pirate 3-Pack though. All the weapon accessories are also shown so buyers will have a vast range of weapons to choose from.

Looks pretty good so far, hoping they sell well enough to warrant more Assassin figures, including those from the older games and even the comics.

In other news..

Witchblade has been announced to feature in The Darkness movie!

Get More: MTV Shows

I have yet to play the Darkness games but I have started on the comics already and it's really good. Would love to catch the movie when it's out!

That's all from SDCC 2013 guys, you can check out my previous SDCC-related posts here. Unless I missed something, that's all the stuff that interests me from this year's SDCC. Quite a lot actually, just added quite a number of stuff to my wish-list!

Sunday 21 July 2013

I'm Playing: PayDay The Heist

Looks like July-August is a time for most gamers to catch up on their backlog before the big games hit from September onwards.. 

With GTA V in September, AC IV at the end of October and Watch Dogs in November, I'm going to be busy at the end of the year. So now is a good time to catch up on some backlog too.

But... instead of starting on one of the many retail discs, I decided to get PayDay: The Heist on PSN. I have always wanted to get this but it seemed more like a game best enjoyed in co-op. Lucky for me, a few other guys on the SGamers forum decided to start on this too. (Could be due to the whole bank heist theme coming in September with GTA V.)

The game's pretty good. A true co-op shooter. 
The game focuses on masked-men performing heists for their next big PayDay. There are 6 maps with each having varying objectives. Sure, it's all about collecting the money but it's not all about Bank Heists.

The first map is a typical bank heist. Walk into a bank, put on your masks and locate the bank manager. Get the equipment which has been previously stored inside the bank itself to drill and burn your way into the vault. All these while the Law Enforcers try to stop you. They come in fast and with plenty of reinforcements, so it's no means a hush-hush job. Once you get into the vault, you have to fight your way out to a getaway car in the basement.

Next up is a escort mission. Some dude tricks the heisters and tries to get away in a car with some valuable stuff. Your team chases after him, up the streets filled with cops in a mission aptly named Heat Street. You find his crashed car a few blocks down. Of course, the fella doesn't want to come out of the car so you literally have to smoke him out. 

While waiting for him to give up, you got to defend yourselves against dozens of cops coming at you from all directions. Once he's finally out, you have to escort the limping traitor to a landing zone where you have to fight off cops while waiting for the chopper to come pick you guys up.

There are 4 other missions and even on Normal Difficulty, it's not an easy task. There are 2 higher difficulty levels as well. Lucky of us, there are upgrades you earn as your reputation level goes up. However, the upgrade system is a little weird. While most upgrade systems give you points to add to different skill trees in the menu, this game automatically upgrades you on a particular skill tree based on your pre-chosen choice. 

If you forget to change this option before you rank up, it will be too late. I haven't seen any option to re-spec either. However, I have read that if you do in fact reach the maximum rank, you would have fully upgraded all 3 skill trees.

Other than this minor flaw, it's pretty good. While there are only 6 maps, the difficulty is rather unforgiving. Trophy Hunters will have to spend many hours replaying the maps to be able to get all the good upgrades. With many of the trophies requiring you to beat a map on the highest difficulty level, you will definitely be needing the upgrades. 

Try to get a group of 4 for this game. Game's pretty tough even with 3 players and one AI. 

I'm enjoying this game, so much so, that I have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of PayDay 2 and bought some promo items for the game. 

So, what are you guys playing? What's next on your to-buy list?

More Stuff from SDCC 2013!

You didn't think it was over yet, did you?

Of course not... Here's more stuff that has caught my attention from SDCC 2013!

The rumoured Edward Kenway statue from McFarlane has been revealed.

(Photo credit goes to the photographer and Lily from the CE forums)

Taken from The Slanted: Todd McFarlane was on-hand to make a few announcements, “For the first time since I’ve been making toys, we’re including rewards with each figure you can redeem in-game,” he said. McFarlane then displayed a 15-inch tall Captain Edward Kenway figure with a translucent water detail.

Looks pretty cool, just crossing my fingers that the final painted version will be quality. Of course, hoping the price would be reasonable too. Very cool pose showing off all his weapons; pistols and the cutlass, walking through water.

A closer look at the pic also shows a very interesting pic on the right. A total of 11 Assassin's Creed characters which presumably are the action figures. The first row is definitely the Series 1 of figures from McFarlane Toys. Second row looks to be the Series 2 with Capt Blackbeard at the right. The 3rd row is a mystery for now. Anyone has a closer pic of that ad? I'd be most interested to find out what else is in store.

I already did my pre-order with a friend who is bringing in the figures to Singapore so I'm pretty excited for the line. Also curious to see what bonus in-game content for AC IV they will be including in each figure.

Oh and remember the new Assassin's Creed Brahman comic that was announced, Joystiq has some preview images of the comic. Do check it out!

Also found this video...

This never gets old! With MK Legacy Season 2 in September, MK figures and statues coming out at the end of the year and a movie in the works, Mortal Kombat is finally getting the love it deserves.

That's all for now. I'm pretty sure I missed out something but can't seem to remember right now. Crap, I'll make another post when I can remember what that is. See you guys again!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Some stuff from SDCC 2013!

Here's some interesting stuff from SDCC 2013!

Spotted this Diablo figure from NECA!
Figure looks huge.. Sure, it probably won't compare to the Sideshow statue but it looks pretty good. I am quite tempted to get this. Don't think I have ever mentioned it, but I have played all 3 Diablo games... a lot in fact. Not sure if they have the license to do Diablo figures from the previous 2 games.. That would really be cool.

Also spotted another variant for Borderlands Claptrap also from NECA.
This will be fourth variant and I'm liking them but whatever happened to the figures of the Playable Characters themselves? They did show a Salvadore and Zero figure sometime last year but no sign of them being released..

Hmm.. nothing wrong with another Claptrap but they keep making all these variants without releasing other characters and then sooner or later, people give up on the line. Then NECA loses the license. It has happened so many times before! NECA used to be one of my favourite toy companies but with all these weird decisions, they have lost a lot of my favourite game licenses...

Oh well..
Here's another interesting piece of news... Assassin's Creed has a new character!
No, it's not a new game nor is he the Prince of Persia (Darn!)

Assassin's Creed Brahman is the title of a new comic featuring a new Assassins from 18th Century India.
"The story follows the adventures of Arbaaz Mir as he faces down a foe who subjugated his land and people and who’s now in possession of an artefact that may be a very powerful Piece of Eden. Will he disobey the Brotherhood and take the life of his greatest foe? Will he uncover the secret of the artefact? Will his connection to Abstergo programmer Jot Soora be revealed?"

Another comic following after the success of The Chain and The Fall. This will be interesting and a definite add to my collection. (My book backlog is getting as big as my game backlog!) Hopefully, this doesn't affect any chances of having a future Assassin's Creed game set in India. 

Todd McFarlane has also stated that he is interested in making all AC characters in figure form depending on the success of the series. I'll definitely be interested in the Assassins from the comics as well. So, if you in the same boat, do start on your collection! Those from Singapore can check out this pre-order offer. 

Lastly, the 1/6 Scale SubZero figure has a price. BigBadToyStore listed this at USD$144.99. Decent price I guess, hoping for it to sell well so we can get more characters.

That's about all I have to share I guess.. Will do another post if I see anything else. What about you guys? What has SDCC 2013 interested you with?

Thursday 18 July 2013

SDCC 2013 is here!

The greatest toy and comic convention is finally here!

As a collector of figures, I always look forward to this convention for the latest news on figure releases and licenses. This year is no different. 

I only collect video game stuff so not everything at the convention interests me but with more video-games doing transmedia these days, there is plenty of exciting news at SDCC.

Well the show hasn't even started but there are plenty of news popping out already.. Some of it not directly from the convention but what better time to announce new stuff than now?

Here are some of the news released this week..

Assassin's Creed IV has a new Collector's Edition for North America (and Central America?)

Fans in North America have been waiting for a long time for this and it's finally here during SDCC 2013 week. I did secretly guess that it will be announced at this year's SDCC and I was right!

As always, it's not comparable to the "Ultimate" AC IV Collector's Edition which is the Black Chest Edition. It does have the same figurine as the "2nd-tiered" Buccaneer Edition... or does it?
On closer look, the flag is different. While this one doesn't have the AC IV Pirate Crest on it, the Buccaneer Edition has it. It is yet to be seen if there is an error in either ad or if they really are different variants. I'm hoping it's just an error.. the difference is too subtle to warrant another purchase..

Steelbook Collectors however, will be happy (or maybe not) to know the Steelbook Case included in this Edition is different from the EU editions.

The Box containing the contents is different so another one to add to your wishlist if you are interested in those. Pirate Flag looks to be the same unless dimensions are material used are different. Surprisingly, there is no Extra DLC content in this... Weird...

Another interesting to note is the choice of words.. Here we see a "Exclusive 80-Page Art Book" while the EU editions comes with an "Artbook". We also see a "Epic Game Soundtrack" here whereas the EU edition has a "Official Soundtrack". Wtf?! You NA folks need bombastic words to convince you or something?

Unless of course, there really is a difference in content.. Priced at USD $129.99...

Then there is some Mortal Kombat for you Fatality-Lovers!

Mortal Kombat 1/6 Scale Sub-Zero

Saw this on the Sideshow Freaks forum.. you cannot imagine how excited I got looking at this. It's very nicely done. The expression looks incredible! Details on his attire are incredible. Lots of articulation so you can pose him all kinds of ninja-action!

The real selling point are the accessories though..

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Fatalities man! They got the bloodied skull head and spine and what looks like a gory neck stump. You can pose him in all your favourite fatalities! I'm really loving this. The extended fingers look a bit odd though and the mask looks a little too big but other than that, this is fantastic!

Definitely, there will be more MK news at the SDCC especially about Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2, so stay tuned! Will be posting more interesting stuff from the convention as well!

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Prince of Persia is not dead!

I meant the franchise..

Read an article from GameSpot where Ubisoft's senior vice president of marketing and sales Tony Key says that the Prince of Persia franchise isn't over. There will still be more games but probably not anytime soon..

Taken from GameSpot: Finally, Key told anyone hoping for a new Prince of Persia title on consoles to remain patient. "Prince of Persia, it’s got a really strong legacy with Ubisoft and it’s still there. We have nothing to announce, but, you know, we haven’t sold it off or given it away, so be patient. I know that’s hard!"

That's great news! I have been wanting a new PoP game for quite sometime now. I enjoyed the 2008 Prince of Persia and was hoping for a sequel. Sadly, that never came...

I have a special connection with the Prince of Persia games.. especially The Sands of Time and the 2008 game. There is that special feeling playing those games. The chemistry between the Prince and Farah/ the Prince and Elika was like watching an action-romance flick (No I don't enjoy watching romance flicks!!). I don't know how to say it but playing through those games had a very different touch to it. Maybe it's the "damsel-in-distress" thing and the Prince that comes to save the day.. some really amazing stories.

Surprisingly, the Sands of Time game was actually introduced to me by my dad. At that time, I had a PS2 and still being in school, my dad used to buy games for my brother and me. Of course, when we had spare cash, we bought our own games but for the most part it was our dad. As much as he was strict and would scold us for playing too much, he's the same person who would be buying us games. That's my dad for you.. My mum used to complain a lot about that..

Anyway, I believe he was passing by one of those game shops around the neighbourhood back then and decided to get us something new. So, he called home to check what games we wanted. I can't remember how the conversation actually went but it certainly didn't include anything regarding Prince of Persia. At that time, we knew nothing about Prince of Persia.

Apparently, the shopkeeper had recommended this Prince of Persia game to him and my dad being the "easily-convinced" person that he is, did actually get the game. So when he came home and showed us the games he bought, we didn't know what to make of it. My dad, however, was convinced that it was a "Highly-rated game that won plenty of awards. A lot of people are asking for it and it's always sold out! You guys should try!".

Of course back then, we had all the time in the world for games, so we did try it. I was hooked. My brother was also very impressed with it and we wanted the other games in the series. It was one of the best games we ever played!

I still consider the Sands of Time ending to be my personal best. When Farah dies and the Prince, in a fit of rage, rewinds time all the way back to the start of the game, she doesn't remember a thing. Even after the Prince tells her the story, she doesn't actually buy it so the Prince leaves it at that. The soundtrack that plays after that at the end credits still gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it..

I swear the ending was just amazing... seriously gave me goosebumps.. I have to say its a truly haunting soundtrack...

I think they tried to replicate the ending in the 2008 game. That ending was also amazing but I still prefer the original one. I was initially disappointed with the new art style and new Prince but after playing through it, I loved it just as much. Very disappointed they didn't continue with the story.

Then there is the teaser couple of months back on a new game? What happened to that? 

Hmm.. it's hard to say this but I'll say it.. I love Assassin's Creed, the franchise is awesome and I love it. But sometimes I wish that Ubisoft will take a step back from Assassin's Creed and put their efforts into a Prince of Persia.. 

From the GameSpot Article, it seems my wish is finally coming true.. Feels like my eyes are tearing up in joy...

Source: GameSpot

Monday 15 July 2013

Interesting Read on AC IV's Edward Kenway becomes an Assassin

Just to share an article from UbiBlog..

How Edward Kenway becomes an Assassin

A very interesting read for all Assassin's Creed fans and those looking to jump into the series. The article, while not revealing too much spoilers, talks about how the pirate Edward Kenway became an Assassin, and even how he became a pirate.

It also shows the differences between Edward and the other Assassins before him and how they perceive the Assassin's Creed. What being an Assassin means to each of them. 

Oh and some AC3 Spoilers..
For me personally, I'm hoping to see some backstory of Haytham Kenway as well. In Assassin's Creed 3, it was pointed out that Haytham was an Assassin first before he became a Templar so I hope AC IV tells the story on what really happened that made him switch..

Saturday 13 July 2013

Batman Arkham Origins Collectors' Edition Leaked? seems to have found a promo pic of what seems to be the Arkham Origins Collectors' Edition..

That statue!! That has to be one of the coolest CE statues around. It seems to be in the same vein as the Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman vs Wonder Woman statues.

I enjoyed the Batman Arkham games but never got into collecting the franchise. I have never really been a Batman fan but I have to admire the figures and statues that have been released for this franchise. 

Not exactly sure which company is doing this statue but since Mortal Kombat is also under Warner Brother games, I hope to see some Mortal Kombat versus statues that are of the same quality. I'm dying here for some good quality MK statues and figurines! Please Warners Bros, make my wish come true!

Coming back to the topic... just a reminder that the above pic, is not officially announced and could very well be a fake but I'll put my bets on it being real. The CE also comes with a Holographic Collector Box, Art of Arkham Origins book, 2 exclusive DLC and a Metalpak. Metalpak? I don't collect those but aren't Metalpaks a cheaper version of the popular Steelbooks? That's a downside for this otherwise fantastic-looking Collector's Edition..

Source: PS3gen via

Gameplay Trailer with Commentary for Assassin's Creed IV

A new trailer for AC IV: Black Flags is out, showcasing gameplay and commentary from the Game Director.

At the 1:18 mark, you see the first mate, Adewale, who is Edward Kenway's first mate, and also the playable character in the game's season pass DLC content. I'm not very sure if he's an Assassin as well but the DLC content will focus "even deeper into the real explosive events of the Golden Age of Pirates."

This will mean we are getting 3 different playable characters in AC IV, including the exclusive DLC for Playstation consoles where we play as Aveline.

The game looks good and despite what some say about the Pirate setting, I love it. The new themes and settings will be vital to keeping the Assassin's Creed games fresh and different. How long are we going to run through towns and cities? 

What do you guys think? Like the different setting that Ubisoft chose? Or do you think they are losing the essence that makes Assassin's Creed what it is?

Some new Figures for my Collection.

A small shipment of figures arrived a while back. A total of 5 figures..

The Mortal Kombat ones were on sale so I thought of getting those to check out the quality.

I have been wanting to get these Jazwares Mortal Kombat figures for quite a while but the quality hasn't impressed me. But I thought of giving them a try since they were cheap..

Hmm.. what do you guys think about these? To be honest, it's not really making me want more from this line. I didn't mind getting these because they were the original 3 ninjas of Mortal Kombat. As much as I would like a full Mortal Kombat line of figures, this is just not cutting it. Besides, the line seems to have died... haven't seen anything new from them in a long time. A lot of the figures shown in toy fairs haven't been released.

Also got this Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Ezio figure from Gamestars..
Been wanting to get this one for quite a while but didn't find it worth buying until a sale popped up. Another dead line.. some figures were schedule for release for the AC Revelations game but they didn't turn up and I haven't heard anything from this company ever since... Are they even still around?

Either way, it was a nice addition to the Assassin's Creed figure shelf..

Lastly was this Borderlands Claptrap figure. 
This is the blue variant of the Original Yellow Claptrap figure (Which I don't have! So if anyone sees it for sale, do let me know...)

Pretty cool figure of Claptrap. This guy cracks me up in Borderlands so it's kinda entertaining to see him on the table-top right now. He's bigger than I thought he would be, so that's awesome. 1 more variant coming up so will like to get that too.

Running out of space for display so no pics of them un-boxed yet... :(

Friday 12 July 2013

Weekly PlayAsia Deals (July 9 - July 16)

More deals from PlayAsia!

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Limited Edition) (US $18.90) - Buy Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Limited Edition) for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy (US $21.90) - Buy Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
A collection of some of the best Assassin's Creed games. Many consider Ezio's story the best Assassin's Creed story so far.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (US $21.90) - Buy Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)
Darn I just bought this last week for my Vita after searching through many local stores for a better deal. What a waste, couldn't they have had this deal a week earlier? With this weekly deal, their price was better than any I could find locally. This deal just makes it even better, except for me...

Killzone Trilogy (US $24.90) - Buy Killzone Trilogy for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Another trilogy of games. Pretty good price as well.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (US $29.90) - Buy Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Not my cup of tea, but everyone seems to be talking about this game..

Dead or Alive 5 (US $21.90) - Buy Dead or Alive 5 for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

More deals on the right as usual!