Friday 29 November 2013

Marvel Heroes Gambit Trailer

Been waiting for this guy for a long time now, the Ragin' Cajun's finally here!

Been a fan of this guy since I was a kid, really happy to see him included in the Marvel Heroes Roster finally. The Starting Pack will come with 2 costumes..


I definitely prefer the Classic Costume having watched the old X-Men shows.

I have been wanting to get back into the game ever since the new updates have been rolled out but just haven't had the time with GTA Online taking up so much of my time haha. Anyone else playing Marvel Heroes? Maybe I need a couple of friends to hang out with.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Assassin's Creed IV Skull Edition Unboxed by a Friend!

Remember that Skull Edition I posted a while back? I couldn't post any unboxed pics of it as I was intending to sell it sealed. Well, I finally managed to sell it away and in the process.. got to meet a new friend, Jerome, who is equally passionate about collecting Assassin's Creed stuff as me!

Had a good long chat with him, earlier today about Assassin's Creed, collecting and some irrelevant stuff about life. Haha!

Anyway, Jerome was kind enough to send me some pictures of the Skull Edition's contents to use on the blog. So here they are!
Skull Edition itself!
The Back
Unwrapped front side of the Jumbo Steel
The Back
Opening the Jumbo Steel
The Lithographs
Official Soundtrack
Mini Artbook
The game case
The Back
But here's the surprise.. I didn't know that this Alternate Cover Art was included in the Skull Edition so I was surprised when Jerome told me about it.. Anyway here it is..

Looks really cool if you ask me, very nice art on the cover... 

Anyway here's Jerome's thoughts about the Skull Edition..

"I think it was a good edition for collectors who missed out on the items such as Soundtrack, Artbook & Lithographs but this edition has another bonus which is an alternate cover on the reverse side which has a very nice artwork on it. 

The Metal Steel Case also protects the contents well and you can keep the items back into the case for safe-keeping and there are nice designs on the metal case on the front as well as the back. Similar to the Steelbook Edition but with a bigger capacity."

Thanks for the pics and comments on the Skull Edition, Jerome! Again, nice to know you and enjoyed chatting with you earlier. Do say hi in the comments below!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Assassin's Creed Pirates - Mobile Game Trailer

There's going to be a new Assassin's Creed game is coming for smart phones & tablets - Assassin's Creed Pirates.
Looks like a much better game compared to the previous mobile AC games. Check out the trailer!

Looks fun, if you ask me. But not exactly sure how the game-play will be like. Looks like it will about US$4.99 and will be released on Dec 5. I'll be getting this and will do up a post soon after so you can check it out before deciding to purchase.

Sunday 24 November 2013

GTA V Beach Bum DLC is Live!

The new Beach Bum DLC pack was recently added to GTA Online for free and here are some of the details.
The pack is more of an update rather than a DLC pack, and is automatically updated into GTA Online when you install the latest patch 1.06.

So what's new in the Beach Bum Update?

4 New Vehicles
3 new Land Vehicles as shown in the pic below.

From Left to Right: BF Bifta, Canis Kalahari, Bravado Paradise

All vehicles are free, so you can just add them to your garage. I took the Bravado Paradise as it's a 4-seater and also because it's a Bravado - The Bravado line of vehicles are my favourite as of now so I'll maintain the consistency for now. Slow but pretty solid vehicle. Managed to slow down a Prison Bus by ramming into it.

There's also a Boat - Speeder which is also a 4-seater. Free as well!

2 New Weapons
A melee weapon, Broken Bottle and a SNS Pistol.

Feel the Broken Bottle is a nice touch to allow players to have their very own pub brawl.. SNS Pistol, doubt I'll ever use it though. Both weapons are free to purchase from Ammunation.

New Clothing Options
Plenty of new beach-wear apparel to choose from to be properly dressed for your beach parties. You can find anything from Pork-Pie Hats to Surfer Shorts. Many different colours and designs to choose from. All are added for free to your wardrobe to save you the trouble.

New Hairstyles
Couple of new hairstyles to choose from to fit in with the Beach crowd. If I'm not wrong, you got to pay for the new haircuts.. Can't remember for sure.

New Tattoo Options
Some new tattoos as well, all free ink!

30 New Jobs
30 beach-themed new missions being added into GTA Online, to keep the game-play fresh. This is part of Rockstar's promise to keep adding in new missions and expanding GTA Online after release. Always a welcome addition for those who have played all the original missions, something new to try out now.

Pretty pleased with the new stuff, most of it is free in-game so you don't have to spend any in-game currency to get into the Beach Bum look. Best of all is that the pack itself is free in real-life as well so you don't have to spend real money to get these either.

Here's some more pics from my GTA V Snapmatic.

My newest ride, the Bravado Paradise van
Jengoboy in his Beach Bum attire with his new ride!
Jengoboy without his ride chilling at the beach!
My new Speeder, along with a fellow crew member's Speeder.
Temasek Thugs crew's rides at our Beach Party!
Cool Stuff, can't wait to see what else they add to GTA Online in the future!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

2nd Assassin's Creed IV Edition arrives - Skull Edition

Here's the Assassin's Creed IV Skull Edition.

Got mine from JB HiFi from Australia and it came with this physical Trove of Mystery map
Map is just made of high quality paper but I like the jagged edges to give it a more realistic look. There are many different maps similar to this out there given out by different retailers but I didn't want to get them as I'm still hoping for a cloth map to be released. That will be a definite buy for me!

More pics of the map..
I have yet to play the game but I'm guessing all the locations are in-game locations and the "X" marks locations of treasure? Not sure but it will be nice to explore those areas. 

I love open-world exploration. In fact, I would love to explore secret locations in a game and see something cool that I wouldn't have expected but it's hard to do it in this day and age with spoilers and guides everywhere on the web. 

The Skull Edition itself is the most basic of all the CEs for Assassin's Creed IV with the only attraction of this being the jumbo steel-case.

Contents are the Soundtrack, Artbook and 2 Lithographs which are all found in the other PAL region CEs. Just the basics, but I'm not looking down on this CE. It has all the essentials here and it may be the perfect choice for you if you are not into the other fancy stuff.

However, the only reason I got it was for JB Hifi's pre-order bonus..

BlackBeard's Tankard.. Or at least that's what it was marketed as..

Not the most stunning piece, fairly standard stainless steel mug. It could have looked more authentic. But I still feel it will still be a nice item to have along with all the rest of the AC IV items.

It came nicely packed in this box..

and more pre-unboxing pics..

Thanks for the disclaimer but this will be for display purposes only..

Oh yea before I forget, the Skull Edition won't be opened as it will be up for sale. I have all the contents in the Black Chest Edition already and as mentioned, I only got this for the Tankard. Looking to sell the sealed Skull Edition for SGD$90 if anyone's interested. Again, I don't mind selling this internationally but you will have to pay for shipping. The AC IV Steelbook Edition is still up for sale if anyone is interested.

Sunday 17 November 2013

McFarlane's Edward Kenway Statue and Artist Proof Details

McFarlane has finally revealed their Assassin's Creed IV Edward Kenway statue!
Statue is about 14 inches tall and will be on a 11.5 inch wide circular base and it will be able to rotate 360 degrees. The statue is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and each one will come with a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the man, Todd McFarlane himself. (I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with his work or his ability to hand-sign 1000 pieces of CoAs).

I'm really digging the details on this statue. Been a fan of his Spawn figures since I was a kid. Still remembered seeing the Spawn figures at Toys R' Us but my parents wouldn't buy me any as there were too evil-looking. Recently seen a couple of his Spawn resin statues and they looked very cool as well. So I'm really, really excited for my first McFarlane statue.

Check out some of the details..
A lot of the Assassin's Creed figures & statues from the different companies suffer from poorly sculpted faces but have been mainly over-looked because of the hood covering most of their face. Still can't say for sure how this will turn out from the pics above, but it does look much better than what I've become used to.

That's not all..


Personally, I'm not a fan of unpainted statues/figures but this offer may be of interest to some. With the gold-coloured plaque and being limited to only 50, I'm pretty sure this will sell very fast.

A cool collection piece which will end up being the envy of many, also a good buy to customize Edward in a different outfit if you know someone with the skills for it.

I'll be getting just the standard one however, really loving the piece. Hoping that the final product doesn't disappoint.. 

Here's more pics..

Saturday 16 November 2013

New DLC for The Last of Us revealed..

Naughty Dog has been pretty mum about their story DLC up to now... but the first details are finally out!

Check out the reveal trailer below for Left Behind!

Not much details but it is confirmed that we will be playing as Ellie and the other character is Riley, who also appears in the The Last of Us comic books. I can't remember for sure, but I think Ellie also mentions in the main game that Riley was her best friend, but she died after being bitten whereas Ellie survived. It's been a while since I completed the game so I can't remember for sure.

I really enjoyed The Last of Us as mentioned before, it had a really gripping plot and the characters were lovable. Ever since I finished the game, I have been looking forward to seeing more story DLC so definitely excited for this one, to be released sometime in early 2014. It's going to cost USD$14.99 so I expect the game-play to be quite lengthy. Hopefully it won't disappoint in that aspect. Plot-wise, I'm very confident that it won't disappoint because of Naughty Dog's record.

Anyone else planning to get this or has it been too long a wait?

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Ubisoft Singapore's "Art in Video games" Art Exhibition

Went for the Art Exhibition by Ubisoft Singapore on Nov 9 at the FZD School of Design.

Smaller than I expected but it was cool. As mentioned, there were plenty of art pieces from Assassin's Creed IV and Ghost Recon Online.
I actually registered for the workshop which was to start at 3pm but I only managed to reach at about 3.10pm because of the rain. Thought I would still be able to make it without losing much but was really disappointed to see the workshop being conducted in the same area as the art exhibits so basically everyone was watching the workshop. 

All the seats were taken up and there were a lot of people standing at the back.. no point in registering for a workshop when they decided to let everyone in, in the end. Oh well.. couldn't really enjoy the workshop from the back but I managed to get some pics.

As someone who really can't draw for nuts.. I could just sit there in awe as I saw the artist, Kobe, produce stunning art in a matter of minutes. It was really cool watching how Assassin's Creed IV concept art is produced. You will see in some of the pictures below how some of the concept art turns out in the final product within the game itself. The presenters also answered several questions from the audience and gave some info on what goes on behind the scenes and also how to make the jump into becoming an employee of Ubisoft Singapore.

Kudos to Ubisoft Singapore for hosting this. The venue wasn't very ideal but it was great having Ubisoft Singapore acknowledging they have many fans in Singapore and having this event. Definitely looking forward to future events from them!

Don't worry if you missed the exhibition, I got you covered.. I took a pic of every one of them so Chiku Chiku Enjoy! (Click on the "View Full Story" to have the images enlarged, tried something new with Photobucket's Story feature, inserting that many pics is a pain in the ass!)