Tuesday 31 May 2016

PlayAsia Weekly Sales - 31 May 2016 (Battleborn)

Wow! I heard that in the US, Battleborn's price dropped by $20 on Overwatch's release but this is one better!

Battleborn (English & Chinese Subs) <--- Click here to check it out (Affiliate Link)

PlayAsia just slashed their prices to US$17.99! (~SGD$25) That's crazy.. Really good deal though. If you plan to get it, do grab it fast. Their good deals tend to run out of stock fast.

I really did enjoy the Beta, just felt that I wouldn't have the time to fully enjoy this game but at this price.. this is worth a shot.

The rest of the week's deals..


Ghost Recon Wildlands: We are Ghost Trailer and Collector's Editions revealed

At E3 2015, 3 Tom Clancy games were shown.. But the one that stood out for me was Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Always thought the Ghost Recon franchise was the coolest looking among the Tom Clancy games and in Wildlands, they are going up against South American drug cartels who have some of the sickest-looking criminals.

and here's the latest trailer..

Looks massive. Very different environments probably in different parts of the map. Also could there be a weather/season system in the game? 

There looks to be plenty of vehicles available to the player, which is cool. Might be able to take different approaches to the variety of missions available.

I'm just a little concerned, especially after hearing about all the issues that The Division is facing.

Ubisoft seems pretty confident that this will sell well, having announced several different special editions for the game.

All preorders will also include an exclusive mission - The Peruvian Connection

I always like to go big or none at all, so my eyes are definitely set on the Calavera Collector's Case and the Fallen Angel Edition for the statues. 

However, I'm trying to be a bit more restrictive on the purchases, so I want to be fully confident the game won't disappoint and more importantly not have major problems. Please don't disappoint!

The Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

It's been a while.. yes.. But the trailer came out at the time I was heading to the hospital for my wife's pregnancy checkup and she gave birth to our 2nd one shortly after.. So... just didn't have the time to post it up.

But oh boy.. I watched the trailer so many times on my mobile that I just might have burned my data plan.. 

So, here it is once again, even though you must have watched it already.

I think it's amazing!

Except for the background music though.. I cringed when I first heard it.. Not what I expected but I think I have gotten used to it... Not accepted it, just got used to it.

The fight sequences look great, the Spanish Inquisition setting just looks beautiful and that Leap of Faith at the end. 
Oh and I'm curious to see what the Assassins will land in, from that height. In a movie, it's going to look hilarious if they land in a haystack.

Great easter egg at 00:39 of several Hidden Blades in a display.. Hmm.. but why does Abstergo have all these Hidden Blades in their collection? 

The Animus.. I'm still split about the Movie Animus. It does make sense, where the user of the Animus moves together with his historical counterpart and this is how Callum learns the moves of his ancestor, Aguilar. 

Still, it's a lot different from the games where the user lies down and goes into a 'sleep' mode while re-living his ancestor's memories.

Having watched the trailer and read all the news, it's hard not to be excited for the movie.

First trailer definitely looks great. Some movies have disappointed this year, but there's also some unexpected hits. I have full confidence that this movie will not be a flop and the hype for Dec 21 2016 is building..

Monday 30 May 2016

More Mortal Kombat teases and reveals from PCS Collectibles!

Just last week, we saw the official announcement and reveal of 1/4 Klassic Cyrax..

In last night's PCS newsletter, fans were shown these images..

Ok.. that escalated quickly...

Standard and PCS EX Cyrax

PCS EX Sektor

PCS EX Smoke

Looking real good with LED features on the eyes and chests. My only complaint is about Sektor not being flipped the other way so that he can be displayed in a versus position to Cyrax.

PCS did it before.. with the Klassic Ninjas facing each other so was expecting to see a similar treatment for the Cyborgs so have to say I'm a little disappointed with the Cyborgs all facing the same direction.

However, the LED light up features will have to make up for the disappointment. I'm confident that it will look just as cool in person.

All versions will be up for pre-order on June 13 with the Standard Cyrax priced at USD$399.99 and the EX versions at USD$409.99 each. Up to 12% in discounts will be offered, depending on the Payment Plan options you choose.

My poor wallet..

Also shown in the PCS newsletter was the Mortal Kombat X 1/4 Scorpion in a more close-up look..

Just simply amazing.. Wonder when the variations will show up!

As for future MKX pieces, not to fear.. the line is going strong.. In my last PCS update, this is what the MKX future looked like..

"Sub-Zero and D'vorah have also been teased as WIPs but I'm not sure who the other 3 are. ShinnokErmacReptileKung LaoTakashi & Tremor are just some on my want list, so 3 is definitely not enough!"
Jerry just hinted what the 4th could be..

That's Tremor my friends.. Tremor!

This guy's a beast! It's going to be a long time from now but I'm already imagining him beside the rest of the Mortal Kombat X statues. Gonna be a big year for Mortal Kombat fans and I'm not talking just about PCS Collectibles..

Storm Collectibles' 1/12 Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero figure revealed

Just a few days ago, we saw the revised 1/12 Scorpion.. 

Now the pics of 1/12 Sub-Zero from Storm Collectibles are out!

Awesome! Just like Scorpion, I love the figure details. Awesome details on the 'Spine rip fatality' accessory. However, I'm not very sold on the ice effects.. Looks a bit too anime to me. 

Still.. this not a piece to be missed!

From Storm Collectibles' Facebook page..

"Storm Collectibles proudly present our second “VS Series” - 1/12 scale high quality action figure, Klassic SUB-ZERO, one of the original and most iconic character in Mortal Kombat series. 

Klassic Sub-Zero feature a brand new developed body, 100% hand-painted, over 30 points of articulation, 7” tall, 2 masks, 1 skull, 1 spinal cord, 9 pcs of palms and ice-effect on his two trade mark special moves: his ice blast and sliding kick.
Release date: Q4 2016"

Also looking forward to see how the packaging will look for these figures!

Anyone else interested in getting these? These are licensed for Asia only so it might not be easily available to collectors in other regions unfortunately..

Thursday 26 May 2016

PCS Collectibles' upcoming 1/4 Mortal Kombat Statues

Couple of preview images have been released by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles for their upcoming pre-orders for their 1/4 Mortal Kombat statue lines.

First up, we have Cyrax from the 1/4 Klassic line!

I got the impression that Jerry wasn't too interested in doing the cyborgs initially but a poll towards the end of 2015 put the Cyborgs at the top of the want list by forumers at StatueForum.com.

Looks like it definitely played a part and we now have the 1/4 Klassic Cyrax, which will be going up for pre-order on June 13.

We should be seeing more info on the EX versions in the coming weeks and we might see a Sektor or Cyborg Smoke as a variant. PCS have done it before with the Klassic lines, with Jade as the EX to Mileena and Ninja Smoke as a surprise reveal shortly after Sub-Zero went up for PO.

Also looking forward to see what switch-out options we will be getting with Cyrax.. We did actually see the buzz-saw hand at Wondercon earlier this year..

and for the 1/4 Mortal Kombat X line.. we have Scorpion!

Edit: Just as I post this up.. PCS reveals the base for this statue.

Oh... Wow.... !!

Looking real good!

Plenty of Scorpion statues done by PCS Collectibles already but him being my favourite character, I would say.. Keep them coming!

The MKX line have also seen the different fighting variations as the EX versions, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

The Klassics are definitely more popular among collectors but I love the 'Modern' ones just as much, for their more detailed and unique designs.

Jerry managed to answer a few questions on the StatueForum's Q&A thread..

Can't say how happy I am to see that there's still a bunch of MKX statues in the works..

Sub-Zero and D'vorah have also been teased as WIPs but I'm not sure who the other 3 are. Shinnok, Ermac, Reptile, Kung LaoTakashi & Tremor are just some on my want list, so 3 is definitely not enough!

Still no word on the next 1/3 or Life-Sized Bust for Mortal Kombat unfortunately..

I should be getting my Liu Kang statue sometime next week with Raiden & Kotal Kahn shortly after so watch this space for pics!

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Storm Collectibles' 1/12 Mortal Kombat Scorpion Figure Revised pics

In March, Storm Collectibles officially revealed their Mortal Kombat Scorpion 1/12 figure and retailers have started to take Preorders for it.

But it looks like Storm Collectibles weren't too happy with their final product so they have re-designed it to give it a new body.

Here's the updated look..

I think it looks better now, his clothes are a more clean yellow as compared to the previous version. However, that string at his waist is a bit disturbing. It wasn't there before so I don't know why they added it now. 

I don't think it was there in the games but I have seen it in certain images when I did a Google search. Still.. looks a bit off in my opinion. 

Either way, looking forward to getting this and try some posing with this figure.

Some details..

"Klassic Scorpion feature a brand new developed body, 100% hand-painted, over 30 points of articulation, 7” tall, a skull sculpt, 2 masks, 6 pairs of palms, fire effect and a scorpion-spear.
Release date: Q3 2016
License rights: Only in Asia (excluding Japan & Korea) "

Storm Collectibles also posted a teaser on their Facebook Page on who their next figure would be..

No prizes for guessing who that is!