Monday 2 May 2016

Titan Comics' Assassin's Creed #1 All Variants Collection pics

Finally got these all in and took pics of each one of them!

All 20 of them! Definitely some obstacles in acquiring all of these but what matters is they are all in safe & sound. 

A huge thanks to my friend, Quentin for helping me purchase these separately and then shipping all of these over to me. Have to say, I couldn't have completed this without his help or might have had to pay a lot more to get these individually shipped.
Also, not forgetting Math and the Access the Animus team for all the info on the different variants.

Now, for the individual looks on each cover..

With the start of this new Assassin's Creed comic series, plenty of well-known artists were roped in to produce several variant covers. While I have heard of these, I have never gone on a mission like this to collect 20 variant covers of a single issue... and what amazing art they have produced..

1. Cover A (Neil Edwards)

2. Cover D (Neil Edwards)

3. Cover B (Neil Edwards)

4. Cover C (Adam Gorham)

5. Cover E (Blank Sketch)

6. Cover Prime (Marco Turini)

7. Books a Million Variant (Yishan Li)

8. Diamond UK Variant (Ashley Marie Witter)

9. Larry's Comics Coloured Variant (Angel Hernandez)

10. Larry's Comics B&W Variant (Angel Hernandez)

11. New York City Comic Con Variant (Dennis Calero)

12. Newbury Comics Variant (Elena Casagrande)

13. Forbidden Planet Jetpack Variant (Lee Garbett)

14. Fan Expo Coloured Variant (Jamie Tyndall)

15. Fan Expo B&W Variant (Jamie Tyndall)

16. Yesteryear Comics Variant (Jamie Tyndall)

17. Hot Topic Variant (Rachel Stott)

18. Hastings Variant (Mariano Laclaustra)

19. Barnes & Noble Variant (Mariano Laclaustra)

20. Gamestop Variant (Mariano Laclaustra)

20 covers, 12 artists and 1 amazing start to this series. Love the collection and thanks once again to those who made this possible! 

So many to choose from, but I like the ones done by Jamie Tyndall the best. The look given reminds me of those 90s comics where women were drawn with seductive eyes and full lips. Haha! Love those? Which is your favourite? Do let me know!

I will continue posting pics of variants of all the different issues as I take pics!

Also thanks to Access the Animus' Database for all the detailed info.