Wednesday 25 January 2017

For Honor Closed Beta this weekend!

Got my Beta Code, thanks to GameAxis Singapore!

The Closed Beta for the game, For Honor will be running this weekend, Jan 26 - Jan 29 and it so happens to be a long weekend right here in Singapore, because of the Chinese New Year Holidays! So definitely going to spend some time on the Beta!

Although For Honor has a story mode, this is going to be a very multiplayer-focused game...and it's good that Ubisoft is having a relatively large-scale Closed Beta to give a good test to their servers before the game's release on Feb 14.

Essentially, it's also going to be a good demo for gamers to have a feel of the game, if you are still on the fence about this.

The Closed Beta will include 9 out of the 12 playable classes, 6 maps, 3 game modes and the much-hyped War of the Factions; which will be a live event across platforms and regions, pitting the 3 factions against each other for world domination. Probably better explained in this video below.. haha..

Of course, there will be rewards that we can unlock that will carry on to the full game. While everyone who participates in the Beta will earn a reward, the winning Faction will unlock additional rewards! That pretty much means.. The War for Honor is starting!

Here's a quick look at the 3 Factions..

I have already made up my mind.. I will be going with the Vikings!

There's plenty of games where you play as Knights and even Samurais but I can't remember a single game that has you as a Viking so this is going to be something unique. Join me?

Beta registrations are still open at

Do give it a try and according to GameAxis Singapore, those who got a Closed Beta code for For Honor, you will also get access to Ghost Recon Wildlands' Closed Beta. Looking forward to that too!

Whether you are with me or against me, add me up on PSN (Jengoboy) so that we can get battling over the weekend together. Do drop a short note along with your invite so I know what it's about.
See you on the battlefield!

Saturday 21 January 2017

Assassin's Creed Movie Novelization Special Edition Collection Pics

Well, I loved the movie so I decided to get the Movie Novel as well!

Went for the Hardcover Special Edition..

Introduction that you see in the movie as well..

and the Ubisoft Club redeemable rewards (and my ugly fingers)

So what are the rewards exactly?

Not much actually, some club XP, uPlay Points and a badge for your profile..

Would have loved a unlockable costume for a AC game but not too bad if you are a completionist on the Ubisoft Club.

The book includes some background info on the other modern-day Assassins in the movie and who their famous Ancestors were. Also, we get more plot details that weren't shown in the theatrical release. Will update the blog with thoughts once I'm done reading!

Sunday 15 January 2017

Assassin's Creed Movie Swag Bag & Hidden Blade (UbiCollectibles) Collection Pics

Finished 2016 with a bang!

Having won tickets to the Assassin's Creed Movie Premiere in a contest, I wasn't expecting more luck.. but I was so glad to be wrong!

Won a very nice prize pack from Geek Culture!

The Hidden Blade Replica from UbiCollectibles and some other Movie Swag!

Movie Swag included a Cap..

A Steel Tankard..

A Wash Bag

and a T-Shirt!

Some really cool stuff but the grand prize is of course.. The Hidden Blade Replica from UbiCollectibles!

Nice details, has a rubbery-leather feel to it. Like the previous Hidden Blade Replicas from the games, the blade isn't sharp but you still have to be careful as the blade springs out with quite a bit of power.

Not sure what this clip is for though..

but there's a safety lock for the spring blade.. good to be safe..

Let's put it on..

The rubbery bands and velcro strap ensures the gauntlet is wrapped tight around your arms. This way you can adjust it to fit your hands. 

Fits comfortably! Works great for cosplayers and also just as a collectible piece. 

Another great collectible from the UbiCollectibles & Pure Arts teams!

With McFarlane Toys & UbiCollectibles both releasing their own versions of the Hidden Blade, I wasn't sure which one to get.. so definitely happy to have won a contest with 1 of it.

Thank you once again Geek Culture! I was supposed to collect the prizes at 5pm but took a bad choice of transport and ended up reaching their office at 6pm.. Doh! But the guys there were so accommodating and friendly. Felt so bad for making them wait.. Really awesome prizes!

Friday 13 January 2017

DamToys to produce Assassin's Creed Figures!

Pretty much the last thing I wanted for my Assassin's Creed Collection! 1/6 Figures from the Assassin's Creed line!

Ok, Ok I may be getting too excited.. Here's the update..

DamToys just posted this on their FB Page..

"Hello to all fans of Assassin's Creed! We are glad to announce Damtoys is licensed to bring a range of collectibles from Both Assassin's Creed movie and video game series.We will present you collectible figures from the most popular video game series officially licensed by UBISOFT. And also officially licensed figures from Movie by 20th Century Fox, features Michael Fassbenderr and Marion Cotillard.Please stay turn for our updates !Thank you !"

Alright so it doesn't say what type of figures and what scale these figures are going to be but DamToys are quite well-known for their 1/6 figures. 

If it is 1/6 figures, I'm definitely in! More than large-scale statues, I always felt the Assassin's Creed characters were ideal for the 1/6 scale. 

After that crazy debacle with the unlicensed 1/6 Assassin's Creed figures all that years ago, this might finally be it. 

Hot Toys did make a 1/6 Ezio many years back but never expanded on the license after that. So, yea I'm hoping for DamToys to finally make 1/6 licensed Assassin's Creed figures!

Tuesday 10 January 2017

My Most Anticipated Games for 1st Half of 2017

A new year and a new list of games to look forward to!

With gaming time getting increasingly limited and games not living up to their hype, I might not get everything on pre-order but the excitement will never go away!

Here's my most anticipated games of the first half of 2017, provided there are no delays, in no particular order.

1. For Honor (Feb 14 2017)

A new IP with PVP combat.. This stands out and could turn out to be a really fun game. However, with a lot of emphasis on Multiplayer, I'm not sure how long the online community will last. 

Games like Evolve Division had a lot of excitement and promise leading up to their release but the online died just a few months later. I don't even see that amount of hype for For Honor.

Nevertheless, with a couple of friends planning to get this game, it should be fun while it lasts..

2. Horizon: Zero Dawn (Feb 28 2017)

Visually, just stunning! I'm actually tempted to wait on this till I get a PS4 Pro and possibly a 4K TV but if I skip on other games, this could be a fantastic game to jump into.

Who doesn't like Robot Dinosaurs?

3. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Definitely my most anticipated game in this post! Of the 3 Tom Clancy shooters announced at E3 2015, this one stood out for me.

While the issues with The Division has dampened my expectations of this, it should still turn out to be a fun co-op game with friends. Anyone? 

That's it for me in the first 6 months! Not a lot of releases but this should suffice till Red Dead Redemption 2 towards the end of the year. Otherwise, I'll be clearing some backlog.

What are you guys looking forward to? Anyone care to join me online in For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

Monday 9 January 2017

Next Assassin's Creed Busts from UbiCollectibles Leaked?

Ahah! So you love those Assassin's Creed Busts from UbiCollectibles?

I wasn't really a fan of small-scale Busts but I really liked these when I received mine. Very nice details and a lot more realistic face sculpts than I expected..

So I talked about what I thought would be next in this line of Busts..

Well.. it looks like it has been leaked! Someone posted this pic in a Collectors Group; a list of the upcoming releases at the store they work at..

Credit to Nathan Charles Anthony Condon for uploading this pic.

It looks like there's going to be a Connor Bust and a Aveline Bust!! No big surprise regarding Connor but I didn't expect a Aveline one! 

There was no Aveline collectible statue released so this is definitely a pleasant surprise! Looking forward to building the collection? I sure am!

Also, in other news, the Project TriForce's Jacob Premier Statue looks set to be released in early March as well!

Saturday 7 January 2017

Assassin's Creed Movie Chest & Apple of Eden Replica Collection Pics

Purchased my first collectible from the Assassin's Creed Movie! There were plenty to choose from but I wanted to start with the more limited ones first..

The Chest & Apple of Eden was one of the limited edition collectibles, with a edition size of 2700. I was pretty sure it will sell out fast but I didn't expect it to sell out even before the movie's release. 

Produced by PureArts for the UbiCollectibles brand, this was exclusive to Ubishop but thankfully a friend could help me out with this.

When I pre-ordered this, I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of size and quality. So, when I received it, I was very satisfied. It looks just as big as the one that appears in the movie and has a good weight to it.

However, since it's made of plastic, it doesn't feel like what you would expect of a chest from that era but it's very detailed and is given the weathered look, with some broken & cracked parts all around.

Inside the Chest lies the Apple of Eden.. and more details on the inside of the Chest.

 A nice spot for the Apple of Eden to rest..

You can open it up to insert the batteries as there's no batteries included..

and it lights up beautifully..

It glows really well as you dim the lights, a real beauty!

I'm very glad with how the Apple of Eden has turned out. This is one of the most talked about Artifacts in the Assassin's Creed lore and we had to wait several years for it since it's tease. Very pleased with it.. and again this looks like the one from the movie..

There's no key for the keyhole but the Chest closes shut tightly due to a strong magnet. I wouldn't want the Apple of Eden inside dropping out if the lid accidentally swings open.

The Apple too has a good weight to it, and while I'm not sure if it will crack if dropped, I wouldn't want it to happen especially with the lights inside.

Though the Chest is shown only briefly in the movie, the whole thing looks fantastic! While 2700 doesn't seem to be that limited, there's more than enough fans to make this a real treasure to own!

As far as I know, this Collectible is sold out but I would definitely recommend it if you can find it at a reasonable price. Or else, as a fan, the Apple of Eden replica alone is a must-have.