Monday 10 December 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector's Box Collection Pics

The RDR2 Collector's Box!

Red Dead Redemption 2 didn't have a proper Collector's Edition with the game included but this was the closest one could get to a CE. 

It was almost impossible to get it locally, but thanks to the friends at Gamers n' Collectors, who helped to bring this in.

Cover Box

Inside is a nice Metal Tin Box..

The box is really solid and very durable. Quality is top-notch for this, no complaints. Unlike another CE which promised canvas bags but released a cheap nylon bag..

Lots of stuff inside the box including this Catalogue Book. The in-game catalogue is replicated perfectly with every page & all the pics and descriptions of each item included.

Treasure map showing the location of one of the game's treasures. In RDR1, I managed to find most of the locations without using any guides. Think I'll give it a try again though it can be frustrating and time-consuming but it's so much fun exploring the map on my own.

Bandana - cosplay idea perhaps?

More goodies..

Collectible Coin encased in acrylic with magnets. Had to open it up to adjust the coin so that it's displayed straight.

Poker Cards

Cigarette Cards - also exactly like what you see in the game..

Collectible Pin Set

Double-sided Puzzle

I'd like to frame it up once it's done so I'll save this for another day.

Lock and Key for the Metal Tin container. Very pissed that the lock is jammed after a handful of tries so I can't get it unlocked now. In a weird way, I'm thankful it got jammed now rather than after I tried locking the box. Imagine all the stuff getting locked inside!

That's it! A very unique Collector's Edition, if you want to call it that.. Without the usual Steelbook, Artbook, Soundtrack. Everything is made in high quality (except the lock perhaps) but nothing really stood out for me. 

Love the Metal Box itself though. Looks like one of the treasure chests from the game and that's actually why I bought this Collector's Box. I love how most of these items look like they came right out of the game and it will bring back memories years after I'm done with RDR2.

Awesome stuff!

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