Thursday 30 March 2017

Some Assassin's Creed Goodies for the Collection

Picked up a couple of Assassin's Creed collectibles the past couple of weeks..

One of it, was this very nice Ezio lithograph from AC Revelations..

This is the art piece, "Revelations" by Craig Mullins. This print was given only to developers and a lot smaller than the UbiWorkshop giclee.

At the bottom, it's stamped with "Ubisoft Team Edition" and limited to 500 pcs.

Also got this Connor Amulet Necklace from Ubiworkshop

and lastly this AC Unity Coin from Loot Crate.

As always, I'm looking for more Assassin's Creed promos and rare stuff. Do drop me a mail or contact me via FB if you have anything rare to sell.

Friday 24 March 2017

Project Triforce announces new Aguilar Statue from the Assassin's Creed Movie

In a surprise announcement, Project Triforce has revealed a new 1/5 Aguilar Statue, based on the Assassin's Creed Movie.

This Statue will stand at 14" tall and is made of mixed materials including PVC.

This will come with an Exclusive Triptych Folder with three high quality lithographs of scenes from the movie. The reverse side doubles as a diorama background.

This is estimated to ship in April 2017.

I have my concerns about the shipping dates however. Project Triforce are notorious for their delays without any proper updates, though they have delivered in the past. However, with the release date just a month away, they probably already have these almost ready?

Also, do note that this is definitely not the same statue that was offered on the website, which was priced as a package at USD$600.

The website is currently down with reports claiming that the company has shut down completely. I am lucky considering I did not pre-order anything from the site but I'm aware that some collectors have paid for it.

Anway, back to the Statue above..  Looks nice enough but I would like to see some in-hand pics before I purchase it. Don't want to get into a situation again where I have to wait for ages before it turns up..

Thursday 23 March 2017

For Honor's Warrior's Den Livestream Updates - Mar 21 2017

It has been just over a month since For Honor released and there's been several minor updates and changes for the game over the weeks, which are first announced and talked about in the Warrior's Den Weekly Livestream.

Apart from updates, they also do developer interviews,  play matches with the community, showcase fan art and do some giveaways.

I haven't watched these videos till the latest one on March 21 and I thought it's a good way to engage the community.

Here's the full video..

If you don't have the patience to watch the whole vid, let me break down the important news & updates for you..

You can join the rewards program on their site to win some cool prizes, one of which includes this For Honor branded coffee, made in collaboration with Death Wish Coffee.

The Game Director, Damien Kieken, also came on the show to give some updates..

1) Troubleshooting your NAT Connection

Basically, there are 3 types of NAT types; Open, Moderate & Strict. In this article, it explains that NAT Types doesn't affect gameplay in most situations, it does affect matchmaking making it longer for players with Strict NAT to find a game. You can use the links in the article to help solve that issue by changing to an Open NAT.

I'm on Moderate NAT so hopefully this will work for me.

2) Two and a Half Years to unlock Everything!

Haha, this was actually in response to the Reddit post about how it would take Two and a half years to earn enough Steel Credits to unlock all customization items available, for all 12 heroes.

Damien's argues that like most Online RPG games, the goal isn't to unlock all items but just your favourite ones.

Well, I have to admit he is right but of course the completionist in us gamers will want to get them all. Looking at how much the items cost (real money or steel credits), and considering how slow it is to earn them, I haven't entertained the idea of unlocking everything..

3) New Content

New Gear, Maps and more will be released with the New Season..
Ranked Mode is also something they are working on..
New Outfits might be coming as early as this week, Elite Outfit was mentioned..
New Viking Map will be out in Thursday's patch.

4) Hero Balancing

Lawbringer & Berserker are mentioned to get some changes

5) Community Order

A New Community Order with a reward of 2000 Steel Credits will be active this weekend!

That's about all for updates this week.. After that, they had a Dev Tester play some matches with the community and lastly, they showed off some fan art and creations. Rather cool stuff!

There are hosting a Giveaway on Reddit with some very, very cool stuff to win!

Would love to win some of these but I don't have a Reddit account, haha!

Looking forward to the new unlockables even though I don't have the Steel for them. Didn't even have the Steel for the previous new stuff that they released..

Very cool stuff but I am saving up for some Outfits and after that I need to max out my Gear! Also for SEA players, do check out this Online Tournament happening tomorrow. I'm really enjoying this game and hope to see you guys online as well..

Wednesday 22 March 2017

For Honor South-East Asia Tournament this Weekend!

Ubisoft SEA is holding a PS4 online tournament this weekend for For Honor

This tournament is only open to players from South-East Asia and will be held online this Friday & Saturday evening. 

This Tournament will host 32 teams in a knock-out format. All prizes are in the form of Steel Credits and the Top 16 teams are guaranteed to win at least 65,000 Steel Credits per player.

Understandably, Gear Stats will be off for the tournament so it will be a fair test of skill.

Registration for the Tournament and details are at this link.

I'm not much of a competitive player but I have been playing this game regularly since its launch, so just wanna try my luck for the fun of it. Anyone interested?

Monday 20 March 2017

Uncharted 4 Statue new pics!

Sony's Fabrication Group announced & revealed the Uncharted 4 Statue a while back, which looked simply amazing but they have made some additions in the recent weeks.

Here are the updated pics!

Did you catch the difference?

I might have missed it if I didn't already know but Nathan Drake now wears a watch. It's a small addition but if you're a fan of the series, you would know Drake always wears a watch in all the games and it's a nice touch to the statue.

The pose is of Nathan Drake pulling off his signature aerial takedown move and the statue captures all of its glory. This is a must-have for all PlayStation fans and of course, anyone who calls themselves a Uncharted fan!

Sony's Fabrication Group has produced some amazing statues in the past and this will be another great addition to their line-up.

This will be limited to only 1500 pieces worldwide and is up for preorder at Sideshow Collectibles for only USD$350. That's a very reasonable price for something this huge!

Can't wait to own this and pssstt.. we just might have 1 more surprise very soon!

Wednesday 15 March 2017

For Honor Apollyon Edition Collection Pics

Apparently, even though I was quite hesitant to buy a CE for this new IP, For Honor.. I ended up pre-ordering both CEs available!

I absolutely loved the Collector's Case that came with excellent 1/3 Replicas of the Faction Helmets.. So how did I like this one?

Rather fantastic! (Ignore that cardboard on the table, I didn't want to scratch the dining table when moving this heavy statue around..)

Let's show some pics of the box first.. The box comes in a slipcase cover..

Fun Fact.. That logo is actually the UI icon that appears during battle, as you attack or block from 1 of 3 sides.

Under the slipcase, is the Artbox of the Collector's Edition..

Nice art on the box but as I mentioned in the previous un-boxing, it doesn't make a good display piece because of it's size. 
Well, I guess it wasn't meant to, but with some of the newer CEs from Ubisoft making their Collector's boxes into nice display pieces, I would love to see more CEs following that approach..

Comes with the Gold Edition of the game..

and 2 envelopes..

..containing the lithograph..

and a print with info on the origins of the character, Apollyon..

Sounds like a real-badass and yes she does live up to it in the game as her unconventional methods show.

I think this two would look good together framed up, just to put it beside the statue itself..

and of course.. the 12" Apollyon Statue by Project Triforce

Very menacing pose and they have captured the character's look perfectly.

Fine details all around.. and a base littered with remains of helmets of the Faction's warriors..

I was quite surprised that the arrows were not removable and that the statue was packed in the box as 1 piece. I mean, yea I hate statues that require a lot of assembly but it was quite shocking to see that. Good news is that it survived the shipment and everything was perfect.. Bad news.. I have no idea how to pack it back when I need to move it in the future.. Hopefully it doesn't break.

More pics of the Statue..

Great work by Ubisoft & Project TriForce.. I don't own many statues from Project TriForce but this one is very nicely done. Now, if only they can get on with delivering some of the non-CE Statues they have up for order at their site. I have been waiting over 2 years for my Evolve Savage Goliath Statue!

Anyway.. once again the For Honor Apollyon Collector's Edition.

Not a lot of stuff in the Collector's Edition, especially considering it's very, very expensive.. but that Statue is just amazing!