Saturday 11 March 2017

Assassin's Creed Reflections #1 Comic Collection Pics

Another new Assassin's Creed Comic Series from Titan Comics! This new series is Assassin's Creed: Reflections and it focuses on the Assassins, which we all know, from the video-games. 

This will be a 4-part mini-series and will tell stories of Assassins like Ezio, Altair Edward Kenway.

Issue 1 came with 6 variants..

with the covers illustrated by various artists..

Cover A (Sunsetagain)

Cover B (Massimiliano Veltri & Marcello Maiolo)

Cover C (Valeria Favoccia)

Cover D (Nacho Arranz & Carlos Lopez)

Cover E (George Caltsoudas)

Cover F (Andrew Leung)

Very beautiful! My favourite would be Cover A, with Ezio's looks from different stages of his life. Also, personally I like this series more than some of the previous ones. It definitely helps when you already have an attachment to the characters.

Let's take an inside look of the comic

The series focuses on modern-day Master Templar Juhani Olso Berg, who will tap into the Assassin's memories to understand them better; "To know your enemy, you must become your enemy".

In this issue, Berg will tap into Ezio's memories where he meets Leonardo da Vinci and recalls a relationship with someone we all know from one of the artist's real-world famous paintings. 

Not to spoil anything, but it's hilarious and trust me, you will never look at this painting the same way ever again. Even my wife had a laugh when I told her the story..

A nice short story, doesn't add anything much to the lore but I definitely got a good laugh out of this.. Next issue will turn the attention to Altair and I'm definitely looking forward to it..

Below is 1 of the covers of Issue 2 and a synopsis on what we will be seeing..

Sounds good!