Wednesday 8 March 2017

For Honor Collectors' Case Collection Pics

Some un-boxing pics of my latest Collector's Edition!

For Honor's Collector's Case with the Helmet Replicas..

Bought this at a local store and got a free poster as well from the store.

Some pics of the box's slip case..

Nice art of the different heroes from the game.. My favourite faction in the middle there..

The Collector's Case comes with the Game, Season Pass and a Deluxe Pack

Soundtrack CD

Slipcover with a mini Lithograph

Under that slipcover, is this really nice box..

Very nice finish on the box, box quality is also very good.. real solid box. Top cover opens up to reveal the 3 Starter Heroes.

Laminated double-sided Litho with a message on 1 side and some beautiful art on the other..

Very, very well-packed..

Rubber top on the stand to keep the Helmet secure..

The Replica Helmets are perfect. Made of sturdy metal, so they are very heavy. Very detailed and signs of battle-wear on the helmets. 

I was a bit hesitant on getting a CE for this new IP initially. I enjoyed the betas and that convinced me to pre-order the game but was quite reluctant to spend good money.

However, having this in my hands.. it's definitely worth the price. Ubisoft has been pretty impressive with their recent Collector's Editions and this is top notch stuff!

Right from the start.. the box itself is of very good quality and sturdy. Opens up with some artwork that makes the box itself an amazing display piece. 

I hate throwing away CE boxes but over the years, I have been forced thrown out several. They are just too flimsy, get damaged easily and serve no purpose apart from taking up space on my shelves. This one, however, is a keeper! I would love to see more companies adopt this approach to making the Collector boxes serve as a display itself.

Some nice artwork as well, though I would have liked a mini artbook with all the different heroes, gear in the game.

Lastly, the helmet replicas are just perfect,.. representing the 3 different starting heroes from each faction (same heroes as the ones in the artwork), it's a perfect piece for anyone who loves the game. Without doubt, a nice memorabilia piece to look at, years after I'm done with the game..