Sunday 2 December 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectors' Guidebook Collection Pics

Bought this RDR2 Collectors' Edition Guidebook!

Don't own too many Collectors' guidebooks but I love the extra content that comes with these.. and with a huge open-world this game offers, there's bound to be some secrets and hints that comes with this guidebook.

The Collectors' guidebook comes in a nice hardcover..

300+ pages of content!

Lets see what is in the guidebook..

The RDR2 story starts out in the middle of the gang's lives and a lot of backstory is explained only as you progress through the game and interact with the characters.

Thankfully there's more of the characters here..

Detailed breakdown of weapon stats.. Also animal locations and sale values of their parts..

So many secret locations with treasure & collectibles in a game of this magnitude. Looks like they have listed everything in this guidebook. I personally prefer to explore them on my own but this may come in handy when I need to find the last of the collectibles I'm missing for 100% completion.

Of course, the Collector's Edition of the guidebook comes with some extra content. This one comes with a Character Gallery of the Van der Linde gang's members.

Extremely high-quality shots of the different characters! I always find myself getting involved deeply in a game I like. Since, I can choose how I interact with each member of the gang, I also like getting to know them better and depending on how much I like them, I react differently to each character.

Lot and lots of nice content!

A nice guidebook, book is of high quality and the content is worth the price. Probably my last guidebook from Prima Games though..

Guidebooks, are definitely dying off. Not surprising, considering you can find most, if not all, of this info online to help you progress through the game. So much so, that the publisher of this guidebook, and many like this, Prima Games is shutting down

While I'm sure there will be other publishers that will continue doing strategy guidebooks, it is sad to see the state of the industry. 

Unfortunately, times are changing and there will always be pros and cons to every argument.. to me, nothing beats having a physical book in hand, flipping through the pages and looking at real art. 

What do you guys think of this? Are you guys going to miss the guidebooks or do you think they were never worth the money? Let me know in the comments below!

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