Sunday 15 January 2017

Assassin's Creed Movie Swag Bag & Hidden Blade (UbiCollectibles) Collection Pics

Finished 2016 with a bang!

Having won tickets to the Assassin's Creed Movie Premiere in a contest, I wasn't expecting more luck.. but I was so glad to be wrong!

Won a very nice prize pack from Geek Culture!

The Hidden Blade Replica from UbiCollectibles and some other Movie Swag!

Movie Swag included a Cap..

A Steel Tankard..

A Wash Bag

and a T-Shirt!

Some really cool stuff but the grand prize is of course.. The Hidden Blade Replica from UbiCollectibles!

Nice details, has a rubbery-leather feel to it. Like the previous Hidden Blade Replicas from the games, the blade isn't sharp but you still have to be careful as the blade springs out with quite a bit of power.

Not sure what this clip is for though..

but there's a safety lock for the spring blade.. good to be safe..

Let's put it on..

The rubbery bands and velcro strap ensures the gauntlet is wrapped tight around your arms. This way you can adjust it to fit your hands. 

Fits comfortably! Works great for cosplayers and also just as a collectible piece. 

Another great collectible from the UbiCollectibles & Pure Arts teams!

With McFarlane Toys & UbiCollectibles both releasing their own versions of the Hidden Blade, I wasn't sure which one to get.. so definitely happy to have won a contest with 1 of it.

Thank you once again Geek Culture! I was supposed to collect the prizes at 5pm but took a bad choice of transport and ended up reaching their office at 6pm.. Doh! But the guys there were so accommodating and friendly. Felt so bad for making them wait.. Really awesome prizes!