Monday 28 March 2016

Wondercon 2016 - PCS Collectibles' Mortal Kombat Statues

This past weekend saw Wondercon 2016 at Los Angeles, USA and PCS Collectibles were on a roll!

Though most well-known for their Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat statues, there were several other licenses on display as well, including my long-awaited Sons of Anarchy 1/6 figures!

Mortal Kombat, however, will be utmost priority as always..

Been teased for quite a while, but this was the first look at the 1/4 Klassic Cyrax.. 

Looking phenomenal, this will be a great addition to the Klassic line. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sektor and most probably Smoke follow shortly.

Also on display is the 1/3 Klassic Reptile which will be going up for Preorder tomorrow!

2 amazing pieces for the Klassic lovers.. But, sadly no love for the MKX lines even though there are a few being worked on.

Here's a better look at the 1/3 Reptile statue and the several switch-out options.

"This 1:3 Mortal Kombat Reptile Statue is designed to perfectly compliment the 1:3 Scorpion and Sub-Zero and features :

– Human Masked Portrait
– Unmasked Reptile Portrait
– Unmasked Skull Portrait
– Hands with Acid Drip
– Clean Hands
– Right Hand Holding Mask
– LED Green Glow Base"

Will be up for the Preorder tomorrow morning, hopefully all goes well!

Here's some Street Fighter stuff that were on display too..

Chun Li and 1/3 Ryu

and the new 1/6 figures.

Hopefully, if these run well, there might be some Mortal Kombat 1/6 figures to look forward to, in the future.

Good stuff, collectors should be glad that these 2 lines are going strong with PCS Collectibles and we have a good, strong line-up of various characters. With the not-so popular characters also selling well, we can expect some obscure characters being made too!

Pics Source: ToyArk