About me

Hi everyone, welcome to My World of Video Games! You can call me Jengo, Dr Jengo or however you know me as.

I'm just a regular guy from Singapore with a huge passion for Video Games and collectibles.. Merchandise, Memorabilia, Swag or whatever you like to call them. I have a decent collection of them.. figures, statues, books, dice.. they come in all forms. If I love a game, I love the stuff that comes along with it. I still have yet to take pictures of everything I own but I keep telling myself to.

Anyway, this is my blog where I will post news about games and collectibles that I like, game reviews, and maybe some other interesting stuff that I come across. Sort of a mini diary for myself as well, to keep track of certain info, that I may crack my head over in the future trying to remember. Also possibly meet fellow gamers, collectors and anyone who loves games, from all around the world.

What I post is just my opinion.. If you don't agree, you are free to say so in the comments box. But let's try to keep it friendly, nothing controversial I hope, though I like to speak my mind. I'm a very optimistic & laid-back guy so I tend to see the positives in most things so you might not see me bashing games in my reviews.

I don't have a pic of me up on the site for some reason. Somehow, just don't like the idea of my pic up on the blog. There are a couple of readers as well as friends who actually know who I am, so it's not like I'm hiding in a hole and writing this.

Anyway, hope you like reading what I have to post. Comments are always welcome! And of course,  do feel free to ask me anything. You can contact me at jveron004@gmail.com. Do feel free to add me on facebook as well!

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