Friday, 30 May 2014

WatchDogs Keyboard Edition pics

Found myself the WatchDogs Keyboard Edition!

Skipped pre-ordering this but with all the hype about WatchDogs, I convinced myself that this is actually a relevant piece of merchandise..

Price wasn't too bad, just a bit higher than the pre-order price but I missed out on whatever pre-order bonuses pre-orders got.

Let's unseal the shrink-wrap..

and check out it's contents..

This is exclusive only to certain Asian countries. A simple Special Edition, nothing too fancy but I find it fits the technology theme in WatchDogs. 

It's specified as a "Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet use only." I will have to test this one out soon. 

I managed to get another 'Asia Exclusive' Goodie but don't have pics of that yet. Will update the blog pretty soon.

One more pic for comparison..


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  1. Nice edition. I'm a Dedsec Edition.

    1. That's cool, I got a DedSec Edition as well..

  2. Hey buddy! I just got this edition not too long ago and i cant figure out how to get it to work! Could you run me through how you did it? Oh and by the way, sick collection man!

    1. The 'pair' button is the button on the right of the ESC button

  3. Hey, it's pretty easy! Switch on your bluetooth on the device that you want to pair the device with. Then press the 'pair' button on the Keyboard, a 'key' should appear on the device. Enter that 'key' into the Keyboard using the number pad and it should be paired.

    Hope that helps.. Add me on Facebook if you still can't get it to work..