Thursday 8 May 2014

Please let it be Mortal Kombat 10..

So have you heard the news? 

Ed Boon seems to be counting down to something.. and the countdown seems to be for June 2, which is just a week or so before E3 2014..

A possible announcement for something? Mortal Kombat 10? Injustice 2? Something else?

I'm really hoping it's MK 10 though

It has been a long wait for the next game, especially with the Shinnok Teaser at the end of the story mode. 

Finally, the Netherrealm will be in the forefront. Always felt that this was the coolest of the realms, with all their sorcery powers.

I enjoyed the story mode in MK9 so definitely looking forward to more of the same.

What if it's Injustice 2? Injustice 1 was enjoyable but I want to see a MK10 before all else.

Don't disappoint me Ed Boon!