Friday 26 February 2016

Why I'm not ready for a Red Dead Redemption 2

So Take-Two has revealed in an interview that they will be a huge presence in this year's E3 2016.. 

And yes, based on what we know so far.. games like Mafia 3, BattleBorn, XCOM 2 will all be released this year so those games should be on the show but..

The big rumour however, which has been going a while now, is that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released this year..

Officially, I haven't heard anything about this yet but Rockstar Games are very good at keeping their secrets.

The first Red Dead Redemption was a fantastic game, top notch stuff. I enjoyed the story so much that I played through it twice, maxed out prestige level online & completed all trophies for that. Had an amazing time with the game but...

I'm not ready yet for a RDR 2!

I know everyone wants a RDR 2 soon but for some reason, I think it's a bit too soon. Yes, it has been 6 years since the first's release and you can call me crazy but there's a few other things from Rockstar Games that I would like to see first. 

Bully 2 

I'd like to think of GTA, RDR and Bully as Rockstar Games' big 3 open-world games. While I call Red Dead Redemption as GTA Western, I also call Bully - GTA High School.

Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 but Bully was way before that back in 2006, on the PS2, so I don't think it's weird that I would prefer something that we haven't seen for a longer time. Bully 2 has also been rumoured to be in development for a long time and besides what better year to release Bully 2 than on Bully's 10th year anniversary?

Grand Theft Auto V

Come on man.. where's that Story DLC? 

There was a huge confusion on whether the Story DLC was forgotten or cancelled, some time back but I think it's safe to say that it is in production after the way Take-Two responded in the end.

GTA V's voice actors have also been updating their social platforms every now and then with pics of them in the studio and other GTA-related stuff. A bit weird to be still posting about GTA V if they aren't working on something, don't you think?

However, if story DLC is the only thing they are working on, it might not be enough to say that Rockstar Games might not have something else to show us.. But then again, we did see how extensive their DLC can be, with the likes of GTA IV's Episodes of Liberty City.

GTA Online

GTA Online has always been a long term plan for Rockstar Games. They have talked about adding new cities like Liberty City & Vice City to GTA Online where you can travel to different cities via the in-game airport. 

After a dull period, before the release of GTA V on next-gen platforms, GTA Online has been actively getting new updates over the last year. 

Moreover, in the interview above, Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, mentions this,

"We’ve made no mystery of the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online continues to exceed expectations, and this holiday season was the best period ever, in terms of active users, consumer spending and the revenue from concurrent consumer spending. And that has a positive impact on our results."

So, with the success for GTA Online, I don't think Rockstar Games would want to undo their good work and move their players to another game. Besides, they could package their single story player DLC and a new GTA Online city into a huge DLC.


So.. I strongly believe that there will be no Red Dead Redemption 2 this year but if I am to eat my words, I'd be more than happy to! It will be one helluva time!

Thursday 25 February 2016

Evolve releases Elder Kraken variation.. For Free!

Evolve just released their 2nd Monster variant, the Elder Kraken in this week's update..

Not for Season Pass 2 holders only, or for a new Season Pass 3 but FREE!
This comes after the first 4 Hunters and the Monster, Goliath all received variations over the past few months for free as well.

Anyone still complaining about the game not worth your money?

These variations are more than a visual change.. Their abilities are altered which changes the way we play.

Anyway, here's the Elder Kraken trailer..

Looks Beast! Love the name, Elder Kraken.. like it's some ancient being. 

Looking at his abilities and info provided so far, Elder Kraken is a more close-range fighter as compared to the original Kraken. This should change things up a bit... Kraken's strength was the ability to attack the Hunters from long range..

Will try to get some play time over the weekend with this new Monster.

Uncharted 4 Story Trailer

Story Trailer for Uncharted 4 is here!

This sets the stage! Just 2 months to go for this.. Certainly looks like this is the end for the road for Nathan Drake. A little disappointing since I just entered the franchise recently with the Nathan Drake Collection.

Speaking of which.. I'll need to complete that before Uncharted 4's release! As usual Dr Jengo.. as usual!

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition update #7 for the Consoles..

So.. another Friday comes and yet another update regarding the PayDay 2 Crimewave Edition..

This time, they have promised us that Jacket will be given to us for free, when the first DLC update is ready for the consoles.

Jacket is the main character in the game, Hotline Miami, who was also added in the PC version of the PayDay 2 game because of a collaboration between the companies. So, Jacket will be a new playable character for us on the consoles.

Unsurprisingly, there's still no scheduled date on when the first DLC will be released and all we hear is soon.. Which has been the case since late last year. Though, I just have that feeling that we are getting closer this time or maybe it's just me stubbornly not wanting to give up..

It's still very frustrating considering PS4 players are still waiting for the $10mill cash drop and the Unforsaken Mask which was first announced in Nov 20 last year.

I have been checking online to see the status of this and even asked the PayDay 2 team on Twitter but haven't received a response. No one else seems to care though.. Maybe everyone's given up already.

Oh well.. let's see how it goes.. Check out the full update #7 below.


Monday 22 February 2016

TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Leonardo Gameplay Trailer

First gameplay trailer for the new TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan game, featuring Leonardo, is out!

Here's Leonardo!

Looks fun man.. Haven't heard a lot about this game since the last update, but good to see that this is coming along nicely. Shouldn't be too long before we get more concrete info about the game!

Friday 19 February 2016

Multiverse Studio's Ninja Gaiden 1/6 Statue Retro Blue & Bludgeoning Staff variants Collection Pics

So you saw the Standard version of these? I actually bought these variants earlier, because they were limited to only 100 each! Thought they might be a little hard to find, if they sold out but seems like they are still available.

Here's the pics of the 2 variants of the Ninja Gaiden 1/6 Statue..

The Retro Blue variant

Got #63 of 100

Base is pretty much the same as the Standard version

Apart from having 2 swords, instead of 1 Sword and 1 Kunai, all the accessories are the same...

... and of course Ryu's outfit is in blue instead of black like the Standard version.

This variant is inspired by his original blue costume from the NES games, even though the outfit itself isn't. If only, eh?

Bludgeoning Staff variant

#51 of 100

This other variant comes with a staff instead of blades

Again.. same base..

.. but did you notice the difference? This one is a lot more bloody than the other 2 versions.

This variant is also a lot more bloodier than the other 2 versions, with a lot of extra blood splatter on the base as well as on Ryu Hayabusa..

Closer look..

Bloody version looks awesome!

In the same black outfit as the standard version, but swapping weapons and the blood splatter makes this my slight favourite among the 3.

Here's the 3 of them together!

Did you notice how the scarves all look different on each statue? Not sure if it's just me or if they are all manufactured differently.. Either way, I like that they vary on each piece, gives it a little more uniqueness.

On a side note, for some reason, the bases reminds me of cookies.. Anyway..

Perhaps Multiverse Studio isn't well-known yet, but I think these are fantastic for any Ninja Gaiden fan, so it's strange that these are still up for sale. Considering, I gave in and bought these even though I'm not so much of a Ninja Gaiden fan, speaks for it.

These aren't one-off by the way, Multiverse Studio has already announced and revealed the next character in this line; Ayane.

And it looks great! Looks like a perfect companion piece for Ryu Hayabusa

I'll be skipping it though, not that hardcore of a fan plus I have no interest in this character. Hoping to see other Ryu Hayabusa statues in different outfits as well.

Buy yours now at Entertainment Earth!

Ninja Gaiden 3 Ryu Hayabusa 13-Inch Statue

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Storm Collectibles' Mortal Kombat 1/12 figures

While some companies are going for the bigger 7" figures, the new 1/12 is also gaining popularity.

Storm Collectibles showcased their 1/12 Klassic Mortal Kombat figures again.

I still don't like the joints on these but oh my.. look at that headsculpt on the ninjas. The fierce expression clearly shows and this is what I wanted on my Mortal Kombat figures! Adds a lot more character to these figures. 

Still no idea when these will be up for pre-order or release, though Scorpion was initially supposed to be up for preorder last December.

A lot of Mortal Kombat figures coming and going, so not sure how these will fare. Collectors seem to like the Klassics a lot better though, so there's more hope for these.

Sources: ToyNewsi, ToyArk