Wednesday 30 April 2014

WatchDogs' Season Pass DLCs Revealed!

No surprise here. WatchDogs will come with DLC and there will be a Season Pass to let you enjoy over 25% savings.

Check out the Season Pass trailer!

So it will have:
3 Additional Single Player Missions: Palace Pack, Signature Shot Pack & Breakthrough Pack
5 Additional Single Player Packs: Costumes from the looks of it..
Single Player Campaign: Play as T-Bone
Conspiracy: A New Game Mode

Too early to say if I'm gonna enjoy playing as T-Bone but looks like fun.

Conspiracy looks interesting. Looks like Ubisoft's take on Zombie Mode if you ask me..

Season Pass usually gets you all the DLC available for the game but I think I'm going to have to start tracking all the available DLC so I won't miss out anything or purchase them twice when it comes out on the PSN store.

DLC.. Like it or Hate it? Let me know what you think of the content WatchDogs is adding via DLC.

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Monday 28 April 2014

McFarlane Assassin's Creed Figures Series 3 Revealed!

Series 3 of McFarlane's Assassin's Creed figures have been revealed and it brings a certain joy to my heart. 

Ever since the man himself, Todd McFarlane, revealed that he would like to do all the Assassin characters in his line of figures, I have been waiting for this day.

The day when Altair and Ezio will join his line of figures. Finally the day has come, my friends and fellow Assassins.. I present to you..

Altair and Ezio in Figure form!!

Lol ok, those aren't figures.. but some retailers have just put up these figures for pre-order for Series 3 of McFarlane's AC figures.

Series 3 will supposedly include Ah Tabai and a mystery character, yet to be revealed.

Ah Tabai

You can see some prototype pics of Ah Tabai here, when he was featured in ToyFair 2014 earlier this year.

The mystery character's listing comes with a description that goes like this..
"From the Assassin's Creed Unity game comes this Secret Assassin! This Secret Assassin Figure includes two of the character's signature weapons and a code to unlock Assassin's Creed content! The 6-inch scale Secret Assassin Action figure comes in blister card packaging. More details to come"

So.. the new Assassin from AC Unity will have 2 signature weapons.. Interesting..

Figures are expected to be released in October 2014.

Anyway back to Ezio and Altair. It looks like the dream will finally be fulfilled - The entire cast of Assassins to be in the same figure line.

Based on the ToyFair pics, there seems to be a couple more characters that are to be in the Series. So, I shall patiently wait and see.. But for now, this is awesome news!!

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Sunday 27 April 2014

My First Impressions of Evolve after the Trial - Part 1

Am I impressed or am I impressed? Boy, this is 1 game that I'm excited about for this year!

I had the good fortune to be one of a lucky few to be chosen to attend the Evolve preview on Saturday at 2K Games Asia's office, here in Singapore. There were 12 winners in a mini-contest that 2K Games Asia held and each of the winners were allowed to bring a friend so that's 24 lucky people from Singapore who 'were the first in Asia to get a chance to play Evolve'.

In an awesome decision by 2K, the 24 fans were split into 3 sessions of 3 hours each, so there were only 8 fans at each session. So, all of us got a full hands-on session on the game.

With a bit of luck and some persuasion, I managed to get the same session as another pair of friends. So that was real great. This is after-all, a co-op game!

So, together with another 4 fans, our session started.. We were first treated to a introduction video on what the game was about, the 4 classes and the monster, Goliath himself. The video also answered a couple of questions that I had before the event. 

The game mode that have been shown so far, in game-play videos, is Hunt. And for my question.. there's going to be more game modes, included in the game, as well as more Monsters and Maps!

Afterwhich, it was game time! With over 2 hours of hands-on time, I had the opportunity to try all the different classes, except for the Assault class.

So here's my thoughts. Do note that these are just my first impressions from the limited time I had of each class.

I started off with Hank the Support Class. Like the name suggests, he's there to support the rest. Armed with a Shield Gun, I had to target my allies, when they were under attack, to give them temporary invincibility.

His AOE skill is a Cloaking Device which will allow himself and his allies to go invisible for a short while. Great for emergencies or for reviving my allies.

The Support Class has his own offensive weapons as well. A Laser Gun and Orbital Barrage, which looks like the single most powerful weapon in the game. Time it right and it will do enough damage to make your entire team cheer you!

I moved on to the Medic Class next as Val. Similar to Hank, she plays the role of support too. She can heal allies who are low on health with her MedGun, or use the Healing Burst to heal everyone around her.

On the offensive, she has a Tranquilizer Gun, which slows down the Monster and highlights it on the map for the rest of her allies to see. Use the Anti-Material Gun to create weak spots on The Monster for the rest to target.

As the healer in the team, you will need to keep alive or the rest of the team goes down. Similar to the Support Class, you will need to stay out of the Monster's way, preferably on high-ground.

Lastly, I tried the Trapper Class (Griffin). From the looks of it, he has to be in the front-line to chase down the Monster. The pressure is on the Trapper to lead the team and find the Monster with equipment like the Sound Spikes. Plant them strategically and it will trigger when the Monster is near it, giving away it's position. 

Once you find the hunt, you can trap it in a Mobile Arena where a dome will be deployed to enclose the Monster and you the Hunters, to prevent the Monster from escaping. 

That's when you unleash the Submachine Gun for Damage or the Harpoon Gun to restrict the Monster's movement.

The Harpoon is a little tricky to aim but get it hooked and you really can give your team the advantage. The Monster can break it off though but that few seconds does make a difference.

The Trapper does look the toughest to master as he's the 'leader' of the team. A skilled Trapper will be vital in taking down the Monster effectively.

I didn't get the chance to play Markov the Assault Class but I watched the 2K staff play this character when they took over the controllers, to give us an idea on how an experienced team might play.

Assault players are the ones doing the most damage. With good support from the rest, this guy should be pummeling into a Monster like Goliath. At short range, he can use the Lightning Gun and at medium to long range, the Assault Rifle should serve him better. He has his own Personal Shield to give him some defense.

Lastly, he can also plant Arc Mines, which can also give away the Monster's position, while causing damage.

The team will need to ensure that he's able to do as much damage as possible.

Team-work and Coordination is going to be very vital in hunting down and taking down the Monster. Headsets are going to be a must to plan attacks and to work as a team. However, there are pointers that you can use to lead your allies if need be.

As of now, my favourite looks to be the Support Class. I have always preferred being the support in a team and I enjoyed my time as Hank.

Then, it was time to switch the roles. The 4 of us had been playing together as the Hunters to no success, so we were itching to play as The Goliath.


Friday 25 April 2014

Detailed Evolve Trailer has me excited for tomorrow!

Check out this latest Evolve gameplay trailer. Almost an hour long, but it' actually the same match being shown in each character's point of view, including Goliath's.

If you have no idea what this game is about.. check out the video then!

It's a game we have all played before. A co-op game of 4 players. Sounds a little like Borderlands? Only this time, you won't be fighting hordes of enemies, it will be just 1 'Boss'. Oh.. and the Boss monster will be controlled by another player! 

No loot-hunting here, just monster-hunting. The 4 hunters will go after the monster and the monster fights to stay alive. As the title of the game suggests, the monster will attempt to evolve and become stronger.

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the same guys who brought us Left 4 Dead, I'm quite confident that this will be a very fun game to "play-with-friends".

Oh and why am I excited for tomorrow?

I am one of the lucky few who will get to have a hands-on session with the game at 2k Games Asia's office. Apparently, we will also be the first in Asia who get to play the game. Can't wait to try out the game tomorrow and I'll do a post on what I think about the game, with some special guest 'appearances'. ;)

WatchDogs' Multiplayer preview

Was just talking about WatchDogs' Multiplayer the other day and now we have a gameplay video of what we can expect from the multiplayer modes.


Online Contracts - Looks fun, this is going to be great for 1v1 fights. It's going to be a challenge to see who's the better hacker, better gun-man and overall better player.

It looks like you can be 'hacked' anytime so that might get a bit annoying if you intend to do something else but there are people continuously 'hacking' you. Hopefully, we can switch that feature off at times.

CtOS Mobile Companion App - As more and more games are going 'social', this is a free app for the non-hardcore gamers to join in the fun. Of course, hardcore gamers can also join in the fun, when we are not at our consoles. I think this will be a cool way to keep myself entertained when I'm at work or travelling, where I can challenge those playing on the console. This emphasizes the fact that the developers want you to be always connected to the game.

Also, the presenter said he "accepted the challenge from someone on the app" so I'm guessing you can reject the challenge if you don't wish to play?

Competitive Decryption Combat - I love any kind of team death-matches so I'll probably be spending most of my time in this mode. Looks like it's going to be very fun and chaotic at the same time. Definitely seems like a game of action and skill.

What I don't understand is how the transition from single-player to multiplayer is going to be. Anyone played Burnout Paradise? Will it be similar to that where you go 'online' at the press of a button with no loading screen? That looks like the case from the video.

Which is probably why you continue playing as Aiden Pearce online and don't need to create a multiplayer avatar. 

Hopefully, we will see more game modes soon in the near future.

I was planning to get this game for the PS4 and then get a PS4 towards the end of the year but after watching this gameplay video, I'm so tempted to get one earlier just for the multiplayer. Who else is getting this game and which console will you be playing it on?

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Thursday 24 April 2014

25% off Portal Light-up Action Figures

Entertainment Earth are having a 25% off sale on their 1/6 Portal Light-Up Action Figures for 1 day only! 

Click the banner below!

Entertainment Earth

There will be 2 different figures valid for this sale. 

The Portal 2 Atlas Figure

Order Portal 2 ATLAS 1:6 Scale Light-Up Figure from Entertainment Earth!

and the Portal P-Body Figure

At 1/6 scale, they are between 10-12 inches tall. Entertainment Earth ships internationally and they provide free shipping to USA. Remember guys, they are only on sale for 1 day on 24 April PST, so grab them quick!

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Apr 23 2014 - The Task is Complete

The Task is Complete

It's complete!

My Taskmaster has got his full set of Uniques!

I had to use up quite a bit of Item Boosts to find the last two, but it was all worth it. The uniques added a lot of ranks to a lot of the powers and gave Taskmaster an all-round boost to damage and survivability. 

Enchant-wise, I still can't decide what to choose for Slots 2,3 & 4. I'm considering going something different for each, instead of focusing on just 1 aspect.

I have the Stone rune for Physical Damage on Slots 1 & 5, until I find more Tyr runes for crit. The rarer runes are getting incredibly hard to find.

Now I'm completing all the story missions for Taskmaster for completion-sake as well as the quest rewards.

Also managed to earn another 400 Splinters for Magik. Paired her up with Colossus (Surprise! Surprise!) and tried out 1 round of X-Def... 

Went up to Level 22 on the first try itself. It isn't my highest but higher than my average, which is pretty impressive. Will have to try several more times before I can judge if the Colossus-Magik combo is working wonders or I just had a good team on that run.

Sibling success or first-try luck?
Very excited to keep trying this pair-up in the different zones. Hopefully, I will be able to clear Cosmic Terminals more easily now.

That's 2 out of 4 Team-up Heroes purchased. Gotta farm another 1200 Splinters for Falcon and Firestar..

Current goals:
Deadpool: Level 60 (Prestige Level 5)

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 5
Taskmaster's Legendary: Rank 5
Earn 400 Odin Marks for Taskmaster's Blessings
Earn 600 Eternity Splinters for Firestar
Earn 600 Eternity Splinters for Falcon

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 29 (Prestige Level 3)
Gambit: Level 60
Colossus: Level 60
Emma Frost: Level 42
Nightcrawler: Level 31
Doctor Strange: Level 25
Taskmaster: Level 60

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 4
Colossus' Legendary: Rank 5
Taskmaster's Legendary: Rank 4
Odin Marks: 32
Eternity Splinters: 8


Tuesday 22 April 2014

Co-op Multiplayer coming to Assassin's Creed?

The one feature that I have been predicting and calling out for is rumoured to be coming in Assassin's Creed Unity - Campaign-based Co-op!

An article from DualShockers quotes a source regarding this rumour.

Don't say I didn't predict it but I wrote a post back in Feb last year about my prediction of Co-op multiplayer coming to the Assassin's Creed series.. and then again just last month about what Unity could mean for the upcoming installment.

If the rumour is true, AC Unity will be my most anticipated Assassin's Creed game of them all. 

Guess we will have to wait till E3 2014 for all the details, Ubisoft has been very strict about revealing more info so far.

Source: DualShockers

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Monday 21 April 2014

WatchDogs' Trailer and how I think it compares to GTA.

Here's the Welcome to Chicago Trailer for WatchDogs. I think this particular trailer sets the mood of the Open-World feature for the game. I'll explain why in a bit but check out the trailer first..

The narrative part at the beginning feels exactly like a Rockstar game. Check out trailers from games like Red Dead Redemption and GTA V and you will see what I mean. WatchDogs feels like a similar game from the game-play footage I have seen so far - A strong plot in a living, breathing world.

A world filled with other characters making the game feel realistic. I have played GTA V and Red Dead Redemption. By increasing the number of scripted events, the chances of a player encountering the same event twice was greatly reduced. Robberies, hold-ups, car-jacking, gun-fights and other random events gave more character to the otherwise random people in the game. 

Gone were the days where you see dozens of the same character model just walking around aimlessly, making weird remarks from a small selection of lines from the game's database. 

Now, it seems that Ubisoft is going 1 step further. In this game, with the power of hacking, we are able to get access to each of the NPC's profile through the CtOS. In some of the trailers released thus far, I have seen descriptions like "single mother of two", "man undergoing divorce", "suffering from claustrophobia". With descriptions like these, will I be more pitiful to that character? If I have to steal from someone, will seeing a description like that, deter me from from choosing him/her as my potential victim?

I think I would.. I might be inclined to rob from someone who perhaps is a "wife-beater" or someone who is a psycho, rather than someone whom I could feel sympathetic towards.

What I'm trying to say is.. By giving each NPC a profile of who they are, Ubisoft is bringing more realism into an open-world game. Each of this random person is now a real character. For me at least, it's going to change who I target for petty crimes and when I have a choice. I tend to immerse myself into the game I'm playing, I try to play a game as realistically as possible. If I want Aiden Pearce to be a good guy, I'm going to let off the 'good' people in the game, maybe try to help them even. 

And the 'bad' guys...? The picture below speaks a thousand words.

But it's not going to be easy.. the later part of the trailer also shows that there will be plenty of dangers around. Some of these AI-controlled NPCs are going to come after you as well.

Then there's the online feature. (Trailer makes it sound like it will be incorporated into the Single-Player game, or will it be a separate game) Other players will be watching and just like GTA Online, there will be other players in the game watching you, and online is never going to be friendly.

Welcome to Chicago..The city of Chicago is going to be a dangerous place..

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Sunday 20 April 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Apr 19 2014 - Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

Marvel Heroes is celebrating Easter this weekend with themed goodies as always.

Firstly, they had the Easter code (SPRCNDY) to redeem for a nice boost. Real solid boost for 70 mins if I remember correctly.

Log in on Saturday (still active now) to receive a very nice Easter Gift Basket to get a huge drop of goodies.

I'm not sure if there's a standard drop for this but I got a Unique, several Cosmics, a Rune, lots of epics and rares. A very nice drop so don't miss it! Do try to login by the end of the 'game' day to get your Gift.

There's also a daily login gift throughout the weekend.

There's plenty of incentives to play as well. Easter eggs have a chance to drop throughout the game.
Collect these eggs to redeem from a choice of several items. The highlights are the 3 exclusive uniques.

I'm not sure how long these are going to be available so I'm gonna farm my ass off to get these. Why? So I can collect these for my stash.. lol! I'm quite anal about only using uniques specfic to the character. However, I might use a couple of these if I don't have the character-specific unique for that particular slot yet. 

I would have preferred more artifacts instead of uniques so I can still use these while keeping to my set of character-specific uniques.

However, some of the stats on these uniques are awesome and it will be a great item for those non-hardcore players who aren't able to get any uniques.

Happy Egg-hunting guys! 

Oh yea. I'm also giving away some of my Level 50 Uru-Forged items as there are taking too much space. Do add me in the game, and just let me know what you need. My IGN is DrJengo.

Current goals:
Deadpool: Level 60 (Prestige Level 5)

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 5
Taskmaster's Legendary: Rank 5
Earn 400 Odin Marks for Taskmaster's Blessings

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 29 (Prestige Level 3)
Gambit: Level 60
Colossus: Level 60
Emma Frost: Level 42
Nightcrawler: Level 31
Doctor Strange: Level 25
Taskmaster: Level 60

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 4
Colossus' Legendary: Rank 5
Taskmaster's Legendary: Rank 4
Odin Marks: 18


Saturday 19 April 2014

Wondercon 2014 Pop Culture Shock's Pics

Woke up this Saturday morning to lots of pics from one of my favourite collectible Statue companies; Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. I am a big fan of their Mortal Kombat pieces so was hoping to see some reveals and teasers.

They did a reveal for the MK9 Baraka a while back and he was on show at Wondercon..

Looks so badass! Baraka's my favourite non-boss villain after the ninjas so definitely gonna get him.

There were some teaser pics of Liu Kang before this but this is the first time we see a full reveal of him from the Klassic line.

Looking good too! Looks like we will have real fabric for the clothes just like the rest of the Klassic statues. From the back, he looks so much like Bruce Lee! But yes.. the Liu Kang character was inspired by the Legendary Bruce Lee after all.

More pics..

Then there's the Life-Size Scorpion Bust!

Oh so stunning!

I think there was a Goro on display as well, and there should be the ninjas on display too but those who attended said it wasn't on display. Maybe they will be rotated and go on display tomorrow.

Also for Street Fighter fans!

So much awesomeness!


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