Friday 4 April 2014

Here comes a Connor Premium Statue!

It has been quite a while since I got something big. I was itching for something really nice to show on the blog and I finally have something. And boy.. is it big..

You can see my shoe at the bottom left of the pic. That's huge.. (I meant the parcel..) A nice number as well.. 150/250.

Let's open up the box..

I have to mention this.. but do you see that extra piece of cardboard at the corner? That's really important in protecting the box itself. I wish more companies would do that. Needless to say, my box was in perfect condition. Kudos to PureArts for that!

Say it after me.. Connor Premium Statue.

The Base..

Unlike most statue bases, this one doesn't any peg holes.

On closer look, there's some paint issues and chips at the inner edges..

Thankfully, it turns out that this isn't a problem at all as the statue will sit nicely and cover all of these defects.

The Plaque..

Very stylish, but not sure why it has a mirror effect. Would have preferred it not to.

Some attachable parts..

As you can see in these super-high quality iPhone pics, all the weapons are very detailed. (I miss my DSLR.. :( These iPhone pics are not that bad I guess but still can't compare)

All assembled..

First, I need to tell you how awesome this freaking heavy this statue is! I weighed it together with the shipping box and it was a whooping 15kg! The statue itself would be at least 13.5kg then. My back started to ache just from unboxing, taking pics and then packing it back into the box. The huge size of this didn't help of course.

It was really tough getting this out of the shipping box. I didn't want to overturn it as I wasn't sure how well it was packed so I had to pull it using the plastic wrapping. And even that is pretty torn now. It wasn't just the box, the statue itself is really heavy. 

If you are getting this, I definitely would advise you to be very cautious with this. Connor and the soon-to-dead Red Coat are atop a rocky surface and PureArts didn't miss out that detail. The surface is nicely done with spectacular detail to make the surface look and feel very real.

More pics on the details..

Here you can see all the details, including the look of fear in the poor Red Coat. Oh and did I mention how heavy this is? Really love how this statue turned out. There isn't any scale mentioned about this piece but comparing it to other statues, it looks like a 1/4 scale. 

1/4 scale Diorama with 2 characters and a base makes this one huge-ass statue. It has a massive presence to it, especially when you are going to line this up with the other AC statues.

It comes at a price though, much more than a regular 1/4 scale statue but you can see for yourself how massive this is.

Oh yea, this statue isn't sold at retail either so many collectors probably would not even have known of it's existence. Thanks to the guys, especially Mathika from forums, a dream has become reality and I'm a proud owner of this beauty.