Thursday, 17 March 2022

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

GTA Online: 03 Mar - 09 Mar 2022 - Bonus GTA$200K & more

Players who complete three Payphone Hits this week will earn an additional GTA$200K.

Lucky Wheel - Podium Vehicle

For those who are feeling lucky, you may try the daily Casino Wheel spin to get your hands on the Vapid Flash GT.

Even, if you are not feeling lucky, do head down for your daily spin to win GTA$, RP, clothing and other stuff.

Car Meet Prize Ride Challenge

Place Top 3 in a Street Race 5 times this week to win the Dinka Sugoi.

Bonuses (Till Mar 9)

  • 2X GTA$ & RP on Gerald's L
  • 3X GTA$ & RP on Air Races
  • 2X GTA$ & RP on Trap Door
  • 2X GTA$ & RP on Flight School Activities
  • 2X GTA$ on Security Contracts

Discounts (Till Mar 9)
  • Free Supply Stash on Franklin Services
  • 30% off Heavy Rifle
  • 30% off The Contract Weapon Finishes
  • 30% off All Ammo and Body Armor
  • 25% off Coil Stun Gun
  • 25% off Coil Compact EMP Launcher

Prime Gaming Benefits

Players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get the following just for playing anytime this week.
  • GTA$100K

PS Plus Exclusive (Till 1 April)

  • GTA$1M for PS Plus Subscribers

Having fun, do come join me on GTA Online and if you are from Singapore, do join my Singapore Crew, Temasek Thugs!

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

GTA Online: 17 Feb - 23 Feb 2022 - Free Car, Discounts on Imani Tech & more

 This week on GTA Online allows players to redeem the Weeny Issi car for free!

Not exactly the most exciting of vehicles in the game but can't complain about free stuff!

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Marvel's Avengers: January's Shipment Specialty Item - MCU Captain America: Civil War Outfit (Hawkeye)

 Another month, another Shipment Specialty Item brought out by Marvel's Avengers. January saw Hawkeye get the Captain America: Civil War Outfit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

No change to the requirement.. players still had to open 100 shipments, with a small chance to get it earlier, to unlock this outfit.

Saturday, 12 February 2022

GTA Online: 10 Feb - 16 Feb 2022 - Valentine's Week, Gallivanter Baller ST, Free T-Shirt & more

This week on GTA Online will see all players receive the The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith T-Shirt just for logging in. Grab it before Feb 16!


Cool stuff. Just log in and head over to your wardrobe to wear it.

Thursday, 10 February 2022

GTA Online: 03 Feb - 09 Feb 2022 - Western Reever, Free Born X Raised White Tee

This week on GTA Online will see all players receive the White Born x Raised Tee just for logging in. Grab it before Feb 9!

Cool stuff. Just log in and head over to your wardrobe to wear it.

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Marvel's Avengers: Farming Units - Fast, Easy and Legit!

 So.. farming units in Marvel's Avengers has been quite a hot topic recently because of the shipments feature that was added in December.

As stated in my previous post, the rare reward in each month's shipment has gotten many players, like myself, farming for units which can be used for opening shipments which give out plenty of new customizable options like nameplates, outfits, emotes and of course.. the coveted Specialty Item..

So I was looking into what would be an easy and fast way to earn units and most importantly, in a legit way..

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Marvel's Avengers: December's Shipment Specialty Item - Wakandan Stealth Outfit (Iron Man)

Grinded out the 1st Shipment Specialty Item on Marvel's Avengers; the Wakandan Stealth Outfit for Iron Man.

This was a rare outfit that you could get from opening Shipments, a new feature in the game. Players had to open 100 shipments before the December set of items expires and a new batch of items is added for the following month.

Monday, 3 January 2022

Marvel's Avengers: 5Gum Codes and extra content

Happy New Year folks! Here's my 1st purchase of the year! Fully digital content for a game that I have been spending a lot of time on recently..

Marvel's Avengers!

There was a promotion in certain countries where you can get a code if you purchase a pack of 5Gum sweets which can be redeemed on the Avengers Game website for some cool rewards for the game.

Here's a breakdown of the 16 rewards which you can unlock from this promotion..