Wednesday 10 August 2022

Collectible News: Premium Collectibles Studio @SDCC 2022

 Another update from SDCC 2022.. this time we will take a look at the Marvel Gamerverse statues that Premium Collectibles Studio (PCS) showed at the con..

A 1/3 Black Panther on throne statue!

Gamers will recognise this version from the Marvel's Avengers game. Having played a lot of this in the past year, I love this rendition of him.

Some better pics of the headsculpts..

Throne statues have always been something special and this isn't anything different. While it looks amazing, I'm disappointed that this will made in a 1:3 scale and considering I'm running out of space, I just might have to pass on this. So very cool though!

Here's more pics, courtesy of ToyArk..

Clearly, a stunner in anyone's collection.

Also on display was the 1:6 Captain America and 1:3 Wolverine, also from the Marvel Gamerverse line but from the mobile games.

Ant Adams from PCS also mentioned that the next 1:3 Marvel Gamerverse statue will be of Blade based on the Midnight Suns game. No mention about the post but the design should likely look something like this.

Again, this is going to be 1:3 scale so got to pass. Would have loved to hear more 1:6 scale statues but looking forward to more news!

That was it from PCS, will always update this blog when we have further Marvel Gamerverse announcements!