Wednesday 17 August 2022

Marvel's Avengers: Maestro Hulk Bundle on Prime Gaming

 Amazon Prime Gaming has a new reward for Marvel's Avengers, starting August 15. The 2nd bundle in this collaboration will feature the Hulk - Maestro Outfit.

Also, included in the bundle is a nameplate, a 3-day Hero's Catalyst and a 3-day Fragment extractor.

Having already owned the Maestro outfit, I was hoping to get a nice nameplate that I don't have in my collection and thankfully we got this super badass Hulk 015 Nameplate.

Love it! Gonna rock this one for a while..

The Maestro outfit is one of the coolest Hulk outfits in the game so this is a very nice gift for those who haven't gotten it yet.

To redeem this bundle, players will need to sign up for a Amazon Prime membership and link it to their Square Enix account. Very decently priced and you get access to exclusive content on whole lot of other games too.