Friday 31 July 2015

Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Mileena Challenge

New Challenge Card up for grabs on Mortal Kombat X Mobile!

Here are the challenges to complete, and the rewards in order to gain the Mileena card..

If you have been playing the game regularly, the Challenge will be a breeze. 

In fact, it's way too easy.. I believe I won all the fights without even needing to swap between the 3 characters I chose.

One of the things that I miss from the Injustice Mobile game was the chance to continue beating the challenges at a progressively higher difficulty setting to keep winning more Challenge Cards to fuse them together.

That would have definitely gave me more incentive to level up my other cards to be ready for these challenges. At the moment, I don't see any point in level-ing up my bronze cards and most of the Silver cards. 

With a tough bronze card Challenge to earn more Mileena cards would have made me play the game more to boost my bronze cards.

So, yea.. took me less than a day at work to complete the Mileena Challenge and here it is!

Her skills look like this will be a strong character to have level-ed up. But my sights are set on the NetherRealm Pack at the moment..

Her card profile..

And since there's no way to fuse it, via winning more challenges...

350 Souls to fuse it once.. Highest out there I believe, so she better be worth the trouble..

And her Support Cards..

Definitely looks a strong character and there's definitely not a challenge with earning this card so you might as well...

There's still plenty of time.. 19 days in fact so good luck! Wait.. you don't even need luck..

McFarlane Toys' Assassin's Creed Series 5 teased?

Here's a teaser from McFarlane Toys..

Everyone seems to think that's Jacob and it probably is.. You can see the un-mistakeable hidden blade arm on the table itself.

Either way, we should definitely see a Jacob figure added to the line, and here's hoping for Evie to accompany him. Was quite disappointed to see no Elise figure released, as she was an important character in the AC Unity game.

Good to see the Assassin's Creed line continuing strong.. Hoping to see more statues, similar to the Edward Kenway one however..

On another note..

PureArts have their own website up!

Who's PureArts? Well.. if you collect Collector's Edition statues, you are bound to have one of their statues..

Just look under the base and you just might see their familiar logo..

They are known to be the makers of many of the statues we see in CEs, especially the ones from the UbiCollectibles brand. 

Some Assassin's Creed fans will also recognise them for the AC3 Connor Premium Statue..

So, what's the plans for their website?

Will it be used for marketing and point of contact.. Maybe a database of their work?

Or have they got even bigger plans with sale of figures and statues directly to collectors? Maybe more premium statues? Or maybe variants of statues they have already made? 

It will be interesting to see how it develops..

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Mafia 3 announced!

Well.. it's official! Mafia 3 is coming and we will see the first reveal next week!

The signs were there..

And back in March, there were casting calls for characters which were presumed to be for the Mafia 3 game. Looking back at some of the character descriptions, they just might be the descriptions for 3 of the characters shown in the teaser image above.

Well.. looking at the teaser image, there could be a few possibilities. 

4 characters shown.. Will there be a 4-player co-op? A lot of games seem to be moving towards multiplayer these days. 

Or perhaps GTA 5-style switching between the 4 players in 1 story?

Let's see what details they reveal next week!

Source: GamesRadar

Tuesday 28 July 2015

DC Direct's Twisted Metal Sweeth Tooth Figure Collection pics

Had a reason to want to put up pics of this figure, which I will explain later..

Anyway, this is one of the figures that I had left unopened before moving out of my parents' place earlier last year. Wanted to get some pics to post up on the blog and here it is..

The Sweet Tooth figure!

This one came out slightly after the Twisted Metal release on PS3, and was made by DC Direct. Standing about 8 inches tall, this is a rather bulky figure.

DC Direct has some really nice video-game figures a few years back, including the World of Warcraft ones. Would have loved them to have picked up the Mortal Kombat license. Too bad, they don't seem to be doing more gaming stuff..

Anyway.. more pics!

Good amount of detail..

Love this character! I even have a tattoo of the Twisted Metal 2 cover art on my arm..

Do you want ice-cream?

No? Doesn't matter.. You are still screwed!

This guy driving around in his ice-cream van in a clown suit seems pretty harmless enough but just so you know.. he's a psychotic serial killer..

Twisted Metal Black on the PS2 had some really dark themes. The intro vids for each character had a cool backstory on each of the character's past. Was so hyped for the PS3 game, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. 

They only had storylines for 2 or 3 characters and the rest was all multiplayer. Not really a bad thing but.. the multiplayer community died rather quick and it got a bit boring after a while.

Sales were more than decent I believe, but interest in the game waned off fast.. Quite a huge disappointment as TM fans had been waiting for quite some time for the game..

So back to the first line of this post.. Why the sudden interest in Twisted Metal? I would love to bring the good news by saying there's a new Twisted Metal game in development but unfortunately, that's not the case.. In fact, I'm doubtful if there will ever be another Twisted Metal game..

However, for those who loved the game back in the day, there's some good news..

For those familiar with the Playstation Gear Store, you might be pleased to know that the guys working on those collectibles are currently working on something Twisted Metal-related. My money's on a sweet-ass Sweet Tooth statue!

So Twisted Metal fans? Are you excited for this or are you done with this franchise? Tell me in the comments below!

Monday 27 July 2015

Contest prize from Xmashed Gear!

Last year was a wonderful year in terms of Contests for me. Won plenty of wonderful gaming stuff from different competitions.. and one of those was this mash-up T-Shirt from Xmashed Gear!

Wait.. Didn't I say I won this last year but.. why am I posting this only now? 

Well.. there's a little story behind that..

Way back in October last year, Xmashed Gear held a Facebook contest with the "Hidden Claw" tee up for grabs. I submitted my entry and wished myself luck.. I remember checking back a couple of times if the contest winner was announced but didn't see anything. 

So, as time passed, and I believe I forgot about it..

And then sometime this year, a couple of friends and I were talking about their T-Shirts when a friend checked out their Facebook Page and pointed this out to me..

What.. the.. Shit! I actually won! (My old Facebook profile name was Juan Veron). And I had totally missed this! 

And this was many, months later.. Of course, I wasn't sure if Xmashed Gear was actually going to still give me the prize but... you never know, if you don't try.. right?

I dropped them a PM and hoped for the best.. Thankfully, they replied with a YES! They were going to send me my Tee, even though I took months to get back to them, haha!

And finally, a couple of weeks later! It's here! 

An amazing and original creation by their designers! And just in case, if you are wondering.. this "Hidden Claw" refers to the cross mash-up between an Assassin & Wolverine(Hidden Blade + Wolverine's Claw = Hidden Claw).

Loving the badass design too!

It's strange how I really wanted to buy this TShirt at last year's GameStart Asia - Singapore's own gaming convention but it was sold out. Guess fate decided to favour me this time..

Fits well too!

This is my second Tee bought from Xmashed Gear, having bought the GameStart TShirt last year but it was unfortunately a size too small.. and it ended up just being on display..

Well.. amazing stuff and a cool story to tell whenever I wear this Tee out in the future, and a big thanks to the Xmashed Gear team for letting me have this amazing piece!

Saturday 25 July 2015

More Updates from PCS Collectibles on their Mortal Kombat Klassic Statues!

Couple of days back, I posted some teases from Pop Culture Shock on their Klassic statues..

Here's more updates from them, together with info from Jerry himself on the StatueForum!

The 1/4 Klassic Kintaro statue is coming along fine, with Jerry stating that it will be ready and on display at NYCC 2015 (Oct 8-11).

We won't have to wait that long for the next pre-order though.. 1/4 Klassic Shao Kahn will be up for pre-order sometime in August.

And for those worrying about just adding more to the ever-growing PCS pre-order list, there's some good news!

Klassic Jade and Mileena are almost ready!

We should possibly have it in hand by early September I guess? Looking marvelous!

And what's next for the Klassic line after Shao Kahn and Kintaro? Very possibly it could be Ermac, Rain & Kitana, which were bumped back for the 2 Bosses, according to Jerry.

However, no updates about the MKX line however.. Looks like Old is Gold for the moment!

Thursday 23 July 2015

It's a good time to be a Mortal Kombat fan! Figures, Statues, DLC & More!

I think I have said it more than a couple of times already.. There is no better time to be a Mortal Kombat fan that right now. 

But I have to keep saying it.. because things keep getting better and better!

And it all comes down to the huge success of Mortal Kombat X.. MK9 rebooted the franchise and was several notches better than any other Mortal Kombat game..

But MKX followed up with an even bigger game, with character variations, brutalities & lots of new stuff. This week saw the release of the 4th and final DLC character from the Kombat Pack..

Kombat Pack? I think I mean Kombat Pack 1..

Yes folks, according to GameRant.. in one of NetherRealm Studios' livestream, they referred to the Kombat Pack as 'Kombat Pack 1'. There can't be a more obvious hint for a Kombat Pack 2, if you ask me..

So, more characters? There's plenty of calls for characters like Rain Fujin who did appear in the story mode. And maybe it's time for Spawn to join the Kombat and make Mr Todd McFarlane very happy..

There's also rumours of Klassic Arenas making it to MKX.. and high chance of more skins being added to the mix..

The Comics are doing well too.. I still haven't heard any news about a second season or an extension of the 12 comics, hopefully soon..

The series started off very well and got a bit slow in the middle but the last few issues are amazing.. building up to a chaotic ending probably..

Mortal Kombat Mobile is still going strong, with the 2nd Challenge card, Liu Kang..

More challenge towers..

and 2 new card packs..

The weekly Faction War leaderboards keep players addicted to the game for bigger and better rewards and there's more content promised in the coming weeks and the best thing is.. everything's free!

And there's more!

Mezco Toys, World Box and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are all making Mortal Kombat figures of different sizes..

In fact, PCS Collectibles just confirmed plans for a 1/4 scale Tremor!!

Awesome news! Impressed by his look in the game.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting to hear a 'yes' to that question but Tremor has a strong following even though this is the first time he's appearing as a fully playable character.. Check out the history of Tremor.

This one's gonna look real good in statue form..

That's not all.. We have a new contender in the mix..

Storm Collectibles previewed some prototypes for their Mortal Kombat Klassic 1/12 line

These look amazing! Gonna compete with Mezco Toys I guess, seeing there was news that Mezco Toys were making 1/12 Klassic figures as well.

Update from their Facebook page is that these prototypes are only 50% done, so I'm looking forward to the final product!

Definitely a wonderful time to be a Mortal Kombat fan! Let's see what else they come up with..