Friday 24 October 2014

All ready for GameStart 2014!

Just about 15 hours to go before GameStart 2014 officially starts!

Tickets and T-Shirt are all ready!

My wonderful wife will be accompanying me on the 1st day. 2nd day, I will be there with the Evolve gang and a couple of other new friends. 

I even got the Limited Edition Tshirt featuring the GameStart 2014 logo. All good to go!

Once again I urge all those who are still considering, to head down to the event at Suntec Convention Centre. For the future of gaming in Singapore, your support will be crucial for this.

It really helped that Playstation is fully supporting the event with several games and lots of promos. Kinda sucks for Microsoft though.. No matter what the XBox fans say, I think the current gen has only 1 winner. 

It would have been a good opportunity for Microsoft to showcase their games and come up with a couple of promos to make a good case against the argument.

Not that I really care though, I'm just glad Playstation has taken this convention seriously. Lots of exciting games will be on show at the Con. 

I also managed to secure invites to both Meet-the-Producer Stage Events.

Looking forward to checking out both games that I have almost zero clue on what they are about. Of course, the freebies will be awesome too and I just have to cross my fingers for the lucky draw.

Also looking forward to check out Kinetiquettes' work again. 

Plenty of talent here, that Evil Ryu looks sick!

Once again.. I'll be updating this blog about my thoughts and impressions of the games and the convention as a whole, so do check back often in the next few days!

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