Monday 6 October 2014

Preorder Content, Monkeys, Harpoons and Weapons & more

2 new Far Cry 4 Trailers have emerged.

Pre-ordering Far Cry 4 will get you a free upgrade to the Hurk's Redemption Limited Edition.

Hurk also appeared in Far Cry 3 if you guys had played that game. (I had to Google to know this). There will be 3 exclusive missions and a harpoon gun.

The harpoon gun looks super-crazy fun but I'm not sure about what animal activists will say about harpooning bears. It's just a game though so nothing to get worked up about.

Not sure what the monkeys are for however. Maybe Hurk just loves monkeys.

The 2nd trailer is all about the weapons of FC4.

Great mix of stealthy, effective and chao-filled options.

Far Cry 4 is looking more and more like the fun-filled sandbox adventure that Ubisoft has promised.