Sunday 26 October 2014

GameStart 2014: Day 1 Quick Overview

Quick overview of Day 1 and some pics from Gamestart 2014..

Reached there nearly 2.30pm and the queue was mad long..

What you see here is just a fraction of the actual queue.. say 10%? There was no way I was going to get into the Hall before 4pm for the Freedom Wars Meet-the-Producer stage event.

Luckily I managed to talk to a very nice lady who was from the Organiser team I suppose, who managed to get me and my wife in straightaway, since I had the stage event invite. Thankfully, common sense prevailed or I might have still been queuing outside when the stage event starts.

It was really packed.. really didn't know where to start. All the queues for the games were damn long.

After walking around aimlessly for a bit, I headed to the Playstation area. Collected the freebie for being a Playstation Plus suscriber and then checked out the Playstation Arena.

Very creepy Evil Within themed Arena. I'll try to take better pics of the arena tomorrow. Was too crowded to get a good shot.

Tried Far Cry 4, The Evil Within, The Last of Us Remastered.

Wasn't too familiar with Far Cry 4 and I didn't know how to change weapons and stuff. The demo was in Austrian or something like that so the tips weren't much for a help either. Will give it another try again tomorrow.

The Evil Within wasn't too bad. Survival Horror isn't my cup of tea however. I think one of my friends mentioned that the game doesn't provide tips or clues about where to go and what to do, and it showed. Will try again tomorrow as well.

Wanted to give The Last of Us Remastered a try to see the graphical differences and I was impressed. The playable demo was actually from the DLC story, which I totally forgot about. The one where Ellie is with her friend. Need to get the DLC soon!

Collected a couple of freebies for trying out these games.

Headed over to the Evolve booth, which was massive. Super long queues here as well!

Great to see everyone enjoying this game. My most anticipated game for 2015. Felt that not many in Singapore knew much about this game, so it's great for 2k Asia to come up with such a massive booth at GameStart. 10 PCs set up for 2 sets of 4v1 action. 

Have been hearing positive comments about this game from those who tried it out. Have been urging several of my friends to try this out and those who did, liked it a lot.

Refreshment time!

Red Bull were giving out free cans of Red Bull! Much needed energy for the fans!

GameStart 2014's mascot..

The mascot comes to life!

Approaching 4pm, we went for the Freedom Wars Stage Event where the Producer, Junichi Yoshizawa showed off the Freedom Wars PS Vita game. I'll do a separate blog post about this in detail another time.

Dinner after that..

Had to treat the non-gamer wife for following me to the Convention.. and putting up with my nonsense haha!

Came back for the lucky draw and had some time before it started. So walked around a bit more..

Retro gaming!

More games!

Kinetiquettes' Street Fighter Statues!

Lucky draw started.. no luck for us though!

Had some more time before the event ended so walked around more.. Went back to the Evolve Booth just to watch people playing..

Then went to fool around with The Evil Within photobooth..

Queues for DriveClub was gone, so wanted to try that but was pretty tired already so was planning to leave for home, and then I got a message from Louis that he was coming over. Waited for him and then got to try some BloodBorne.

Quite impressed with the graphics and gameplay. It's been a while since I got a hack-and-slash game so I'm considering getting this. More excited for the BloodBorne Producer Stage at Day 2 now.

In the end, only left when the announcement was made. Glad that Louis came and both of us got to try BloodBorne before leaving. That couple of mins was enough to change my impression of this game.

Shoutout to Akilen and Waliyudin whom I bumped into the Convention. Hope you guys enjoyed the day!

That's all for Day 1..

Loot! Swag! Freebies from Day 1!

Tips on getting doubles? Bring your Lady Companion ;)
Thanks Wifey! Somehow.. I think you enjoyed dinner more than the Convention itself.

Off to bed now.. Apologies if there are any mistakes in the post.. Too tired to look through for errors.. Need sleep before Day 2..