Saturday 14 January 2023

Collection Pics: Marvel's Midnight Suns GAME Exclusive Bundle

 1st collection pickup of the year!

This is the GAME UK Exclusive Bundle for the Marvel's: Midnight Suns game.

This edition comes with the enhanced or legendary editions of the game if you purchased the bundle from GAME UK. To save costs, I bought the extra items off someone. Here is what I got..

Nice little box featuring the Midnight Suns art theme.

Fabric 'Dark hold' print

Metal Ingot

Character Card Set 

Featuring the 12 playable characters in the game; cards are made from quite high quality card paper.

Very nice set of items. 

Definitely hyped to start on this game with so many characters available. Which are your favourite characters?

On a side note, I'm also looking for another version of this card bundle which were made in metal and came in a special display box. If you are selling or know of anyone selling that, do drop me a message on Facebook or email (

Hope you liked the pics!


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