Friday 10 October 2014

NYCC 2014: PCS Mortal Kombat Statues

NYCC 2014 has started!

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has some of their amazing Mortal Kombat statues up on show..

Baraka (MK 9)

Baraka looks sick. Glad to see the statue capturing his vile and aggressive behaviour. Already have this pre-ordered. Can't wait for this!

Liu Kang (Klassic)

First EarthRealm warrior made by PCS, it had to be Bruce Lee, err I mean Liu Kang. Facing this way means he will look perfect in a versus pose against the previously released Scorpion and Reptile.

Scorpion (1/3)

Awesome! Sick! Badass! If you look closely, you can see that there's some blood splatter on the outfit and the spear. Nice touch there, without being overdone.

The face looks a bit too wrinkled in this pic but looks alright on display. 

Hope to see some studio shots soon.

For some reason, the price has been erased out. Wonder why? Hopefully, the final price will turn out to be reasonable. Would certainly love to get this.

And some pics of E-Honda from their Street Fighter line..

All pics courtesy of ToyArk.