Thursday 30 October 2014

GameStart Asia 2014: Freedom Wars Producer Event

Was one of the lucky ones who got front row access to the Freedom Wars Meet-The-Producer Stage Event at GameStart 2014!

Producer Junichi Yoshizawa was full of excitement when he came on stage and introduced his game, Freedom Wars and the slogan that he wants to make famous, "Let's contribute!"

He went on to share about his game and the 3 key points about Freedom Wars.

1. 1 Million Years of Imprisonment

Every person in the world of Freedom Wars, is born into a million years of imprisonment. (How many years do we live then?!!). So, the objective of the game is to fight for your freedom.. Pretty straightforward..

Your character will be termed a "Sinner" while the female android ally that will accompany and fight with you is a "Accessory". The "Accessory" can be customized so you can choose a male if you prefer.

2. Recapture Multiplayer Action

Producer Junichi showed off a live demo of the rescue mission gameplay where you will need to take down an enemy abductor and then rescue a citizen.  You can choose NPC allies to assist you even if you are not playing online with friends. You will need strategy and patience to take down the enemy before you can rescue the citizen.

If you complete the mission successfully, you will be rewarded points based on your performance. The more points you get, the more your sentence is reduced.. (Yay! From 1 million years of imprisonment, you will now only need to serve 950,000 years of imprisonment!)

Junichi then went on to live demo a co-op session. Suddenly, the enemy didn't seem so tough anymore. With 4 of them working together to take down the Abductor, he went down fast and the rest covered well for the other player who went to rescue the citizen. That looked really fun.

3. Battle against Panopticons

The Producer explained also that the online is set up in such a way, that when you battle, you can battle for your country. So, this is where the "Let's Contribute!" slogan comes in.. You battle to contribute to your country's ranking.

Online can support up to players in a 4v4 battle. That's 16 characters in a game, if you include each players' "Accessory".

In all honesty, these type of games just don't interest me 1 bit... but I have to admit, the game looks really fun. Producer Junichi was full of life and did a great demo of Freedom Wars' gameplay.

The Stage Event was conducted in Japanese, so there was a translator of course. Kudos to the translator, who did a wonderful job of translating in the same level of excitement as Junichi Yoshizawa. She definitely kept the momentum going as Junichi showed of his game.

At the end, there was a lucky draw for those lucky enough to get an invite. Came so freakingly close to winning a PS Vita as the winning number was 75 but my ticket was 72. Not so lucky I guess..

Those who are looking for a fun and addictive game for the PS Vita should check out this game. It was released this week so... "Let's Contribute!"