Thursday 9 July 2015

Borderlands' Moxxi Statue up for Pre-order

Gearbox Software has a Moxxi Statue up for Pre-order at their Official Online Store.

 She looks gorgeous! Very vibrant colours bringing the statue to life!

This Moxxi statue is based on her Borderlands 2 look, and will cost USD$225 and will be limited to 1000pcs.

Not a bad decision to start with a popular character that most Borderlands players love. One of the playable characters might not adhere to certain fans who don't usually play that character.

However, this is the second statue that Gearbox has announced.. The first being the Zer0 statue.
But, that has been taken off the order page to be re-done. (Click the link above to see pics of it). Here's what the rep on the forums had to say about both statues..

Click to get a better view, of course..

This is 1 line of statues that I'm interested in but might not be able to afford. I might have to pick & choose though, which I absolutely hate doing. I'm the type of collector what would like to get into the whole line or not at all. So, I'll need to consider this carefully.. Especially with a new interest in some turtle collection ;) (Will talk about this in another blog post).