Wednesday 22 July 2015

Pop Culture Shock Collctibles' previews 1/4 MKX D'Vorah Statue & some Klassics

PCS Collectibles has teased a couple of 1/4 Scale Statues in progress in the past few weeks and it's making Mortal Kombat collectors drool in excitement.

Mortal Kombat X is definitely a project that it's in full steam at the moment. While Kotal Kahn is the only one up for order thus far, Sub-Zero and Quan Chi are already in the works.

And now in the latest newsletter, we can add 1 more to the list.. D'Vorah!

Looking good in this digital sculpt. I'm not a big fan of hers but will be excited to see how she turns out.. Good to see the new characters getting more love and Jerry has already said he would love to make Ferra & Torr.

Well.. the Klassics aren't forgotten however.. 2 huge characters have been teased in various pics..

Fist 3 is obviously Shao Kahn and it has been confirmed to be 1/4 Klassic Shao Kahn.. and the last is almost definitely Kintaro. I haven't see any official confirmation of this but it's quite obvious too.

2 major characters coming soon in the Klassic line! Goro's going to have some competition!

Hoping to see more teases on the progress real soon!