Thursday 15 September 2022

Marvel's Avengers: 2-Year Anniversary Celebration continues..

 The 2nd year anniversary celebrations for Marvel's Avengers continue from last week! The Tachyon AnomalyCosmic ThreatCorrupted Vibranium events are all still going on for another week, along with the ability to claim the 2nd Anniversary Bundle from the Marketplace..

More stuff below but let's take a look at the login bonus for this week; 3 new outfits inspired by the early Marvel Studios' movies will be added to your account automatically.

1. Captain America - Marvel Studios' The Avengers outfit

2. Iron Man - Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2 outfit

3. Thor - Marvel Studios' Thor outfit

Also included is a 
  • 7-Day Hero Catalyst
  • 7-Day Fragment Extractor

50% Sales on almost everything in the Marketplace as well as Quad XP and Double Resources are still on-going for players to make the most out of your time.

Hopefully, some new content is due for release once this 2nd Anniversary celebrations are over. That will be a nice way to end the celebrations and start the 3rd year proper!