Sunday 4 September 2022

Marvel's Avengers: 2-Year Anniversary Celebration!

 And... Just like that, it's been 2 years since Marvel's Avengers released.

This 2 weeks, Marvel's Avengers celebrates its 2-year anniversary with a whole load of stuff. Can't believe 2 years has passed just like that. Having poured so many hours into this game, making several new friends and also being a positive distraction during this trying COVID-period and at the same time being a negative distraction during WFH days.. 

Marvel's Avengers has been a huge part of my life this past 2 years and it has come a long way since it first released..

As much as I won't put this as one of the best ever games played, it still brings so much fun with the ever-building roster of superheroes. With the huge popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, my recent interest in comics and with the expanding roster of games in the Marvel Gamerverse, I have truely enjoyed this game for what it is. 

The lure of levelling up your character, hunting for the best gear and unlocking skins from both the MCU and comics to creating your perfect Avenger is more than enough to ignore the inevitable issues this game has.

Moving forward, the future of the game is a little cloudy.. especially with the takeover by Embracer Group. However, there is still quite a bit of new stuff to look forward to in the coming months.

So, enough with my rambling about the past and the future but let's get to what's happening in the game right at this moment.. The 2-Year Anniversary Celebration!

First things first, the free stuff! No celebration should be started without free stuff and here it is.. 
The 2nd Anniversary Bundle includes
  • 7-Day Hero Catalyst
  • 7-Day Fragment Extractor
  • 2-Year Anniversary Nameplate
  • and a whole lot of nameplates from the past!

An animated 2 Year Anniversary Team nameplate (All characters can equip this) to celebrate this amazing milestone! 

If you have been following my blog (or actually if you haven't), there have been several free nameplates given in the past, mostly in celebration of the different Marvel Studios' movies and shows. Bummer if you missed those but.. 

Right now, you can collect everything in 1 go, from this bundle available in the Marketplace.

Not forgetting the 1 Year Anniversary Team nameplate for last year's anniversary!!

This was the highlight for me! Having missed it last year, I was so happy when my friend messaged the group telling me this was included! As far as I know, this is the only exclusive nameplate in the game that I missed and it was a beautiful one! I was pretty much 'Fk yea!!!' when I heard it..

Ok ok relax, back to the rest..

Also, in the marketplace, you get the weekly reward of a 2-hour Hero's Catalyst.

Ok, yea it doesn't compare to that 7-day boost but still. it's free. This is probably the best time to use a 7-day boost considering all the events that are happening right now..

Nothing better than to stack bonuses! Quad XP and double resources come around only every now and then so abuse it!

The Tachyon Anomaly, Cosmic Threat, Corrupted Vibranium Events are all happening simultaneously and the objectives stack, so if you haven't been playing these, I can't think of a better time to be doing these.

Not everything is free but the next best thing is a sale! At 50% off, you might want to pick up some of the outfits or nameplates that you have always been eyeing. 

Comic readers might also want to check out the Thordis outfit, which was just released.

This week's update also coincides with a new Shipment challenge. After a long period of shipments re-releasing past Specialty rewards, we finally get a new one; Kate Bishop - Stark Tech outfit. This looks very cool.

Not long left for the Amazon Prime Gaming reward to end (Details here). We should be getting a new reward very soon so do sign up for Amazon Prime to unlock this reward as well as free stuff for several other games.

That's about it! Plenty of rewards to collect and gear to unlock this week. I'll be honest.. I haven't been playing this for quite a while. 

Told myself that I'll wait for the new content to drop before I get back in again but the 2 Year Anniversary Celebration is very rewarding and it shouldn't be missed! So... Avengers... Reassemble!!