Thursday 6 January 2022

Marvel's Avengers: December's Shipment Specialty Item - Wakandan Stealth Outfit (Iron Man)

Grinded out the 1st Shipment Specialty Item on Marvel's Avengers; the Wakandan Stealth Outfit for Iron Man.

This was a rare outfit that you could get from opening Shipments, a new feature in the game. Players had to open 100 shipments before the December set of items expires and a new batch of items is added for the following month.

If you were lucky enough, you could receive the Specialty Item in 1 of the previous Shipments opened or else if you are unlucky like me, you are guaranteed the outfit on the 100th Shipment opened.

Was a crazy grind but well worth it if you ask me.. So here's some screenshots to show off this really cool Iron Man outfit!

Love the little details on the outfit giving it a Black Panther-esque look. Looking forward to next month's shipment!

Curious to know how many players managed to get it though.. Earning units to open Shipments seems like a very lengthy grind and thankfully, the 'double resources' weekend and it being the holiday period helped a lot. So to be honest, I'm not sure if I can get next month's item by opening 100 shipments again. Really hoping they make it a little easier to unlock these.