Monday 3 January 2022

Marvel's Avengers: 5Gum Codes and extra content

Happy New Year folks! Here's my 1st purchase of the year! Fully digital content for a game that I have been spending a lot of time on recently..

Marvel's Avengers!

There was a promotion in certain countries where you can get a code if you purchase a pack of 5Gum sweets which can be redeemed on the Avengers Game website for some cool rewards for the game.

Here's a breakdown of the 16 rewards which you can unlock from this promotion..

To redeem all 16 tiers of rewards, I needed to purchase 16 of these codes..

Tier 1

6 Nameplates

Nameplate - Black Widow 012

Nameplate - Captain America 027

Nameplate - Hulk 034

Nameplate - Iron Man 089

Nameplate - Ms Marvel 012

Nameplate - Thor 025

Tier 2

20 Square Enix Members Reward Points

Tier 3

Artifact - Talisman of Splendor

Tier 4

50,000 Marvel Insider Points

Tier 5

250 Units (In-game currency)

Tier 6

6 PlayStation Avatars - 1 for each of these characters; Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel & Thor.

Tier 7

Emote - Ms Marvel Bubblegum Emote

Tier 8

7 PlayStation Themes 

Avengers Theme

Black Widow Theme

Captain America Theme

Iron Man Theme

Ms. Marvel Theme

Hulk Theme

Thor Theme

Tier 9

250 Units (In-game currency)

Tier 10

Nameplate - Kate Bishop 067

Tier 11

250 Units (In-game currency)

Tier 12

Nameplate - Hawkeye 061

Tier 13

250 Units (In-game currency)

Tier 14

Nameplate - Black Widow 052

Tier 15

250 Units (In-game currency)

Tier 16

Nameplate - Black Panther 030

Some really cool stuff, especially those PSN avatars. Definitely using the Hulk avatar and theme as Hulk is my main character in the game. Some of those nameplates are also really cool and would definitely make you stand out from the rest.
Additional units are also definitely a bonus considering how hard it is to earn those especially if you are chasing the Wakandan Stealth Armor from the shipments. 

These were initially supposed to end on 31 Dec 2021, but they have been extended to 31 Mar 2022. So for those who still want these, this might be your last chance!

What do you guys think of these?