Tuesday 7 December 2021

Collection Pics: Marvel's Spider-Man Giclee Art Prints

 Finally got around to framing these 2 Giclee Prints from the Marvel's Spider-Man game.

I have had these prints for nearly a year (I think?) but finally bought some frames from Amazon for these to be displayed..

First of the 2 is the epic fight between Spider-Man and Rhino & Scorpion. This was one of the harder boss battles in the game where you had to take on both of these villains together.

This was done by Marko Djurdjevic and limited to only 50 pieces and measures 24" x 14".

2nd of the 2 is a print by Alex Ross of Spider-Man swinging over the New York City skyline. This was limited to 150 pieces and measures 24" x 16".

I'm curious to know what this 'fuhgeddaboudit' is about. I did a quick Google search and it's New York slang but I wonder if this is an easter egg to something related to the Spider-Man universe. If anyone knows, do post in the comments below!

Got both of these from Gallery Nucleus and have to say I'm really very glad to have both of these very amazing and very limited art prints in my Marvel's Spider-Man collection. Do check out the rest of my collection here