Friday 11 November 2022

Collection Pics: God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition & Limited Edition DualSense Controller

 It seems like ages since I last unboxed a Collector's Edition.. but here we go again! The God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition!

Always a wonderful feeling picking up a CE from the local game shops.. Let's take a look at what's inside!

More pics of the art box first..

Removing the outer cover.. The Jotnar Edition is designed after the Knowledge Keeper's Shrine, which you see in the 1st game.

Removing the panel.. you see Thor's Mjolnir..

But let's take a look at the other stuff first..

Vanir Twins Carvings


Unlike before, there was no physical disc included in the Steelbook but the game came as a digital voucher printed on a slip. 

This was something I was saying that could happen. CEs including Digital Codes for the game instead of Physical Discs. There's definitely a slight push towards digital games but it will take time because a lot of players are still very resistant to it. 

I can definitely see some advantages with going digital, looking at all angles but I'm not a huge fan of it as well. With all things, there will definitely be pros and cons to both sides so let's see.

Moving on.. The Falcon, Bear & Wolf Pin Set. 
Each of these animals are meant to represent the different main characters in the game; Bear - Kratos, Wolf - Atreus, Falcon - Faye.

The pin set is nice and heavy and also makes for a nice display piece.

Legendary Draupnir Ring

Brok's Dice Set

Yggdrasil Cloth Map

Vinyl Record

Having a vinyl player would be really nice for the records in my collection!

And of course.. The main highlight of this edition..

16 Inch Mjolnir Replica..

Really pleased with this piece. Has a good weight to it even though it's plastic but the quality and details are really nice.

Even though I always prefer statues in my collector's editions, this is still an amazing collection. The Mjolnir Replica will be the centre piece obviously but the dice set, carvings, ring, cloth map and pin set goes great in the display. Always been a sucker for collectibles that look like they came right out of the game.

The box itself also makes a really nice display set but the space needed for that.. wow!

As a pre-order bonus, I also received this keychain..

Of course, there was also the Limited Edition PS5 Controller that I picked up..

Got to say, I was a bit amused in the way the controller was packaged. As far as I remember, the PS3 and PS4 controllers all came with a clamshell packaging so that the controller sits nicely in the box. Do all PS5 controllers come like that?

And yes.. Most of you close friends would know I still don't own a PS5 so why buy this controller? Firstly, it's limited so it's going to be really difficult finding one in the months to come. Also, this was  never meant to be used so it will be a display piece, just like the others!

So, there we have it! The God of War Ragnarok Collection!

Hope you liked the pics! Will be back with some thoughts after completing the game, with no spoilers of course!

On a side note, if anyone out there wants to part with their dice set from the Collector's Edition (Not the Jotnar version), do contact me!