Friday 17 June 2022

Collectible News: Marvel Legends Gamerverse Mr. Negative & Inner Demon 2-Pack

Surprise news! Marvel Legends just announced a new 2-Pack featuring Mr. Negative and a Inner Demon!

These figures are part of the Gamerverse line-up and will be based on the Marvel's Spider-Man game.

Definitely a surprise to see these being added to the line-up as it has been quite a while since the game released but I'm very happy to these being made. Really need some villains for the collection..

Here's more pics of what we can expect from this 2-pack..

Plenty of swap-out options for the Inner Demon figure with different masks and weapon accessories. Considering these guys were thugs that usually came in groups, they could have made a 3-pack or even a 4-pack and it still would have been really cool.

Mr. Negative comes with 2 swords; 1 regular and 1 filled with negative energy so that's perfect!

Like I said, I'm surprised this is coming out so late but it's a definite buy for me. Not getting my hopes up but I would hope to see this lead to more villains from the game.

This is expected to release in January 2023 at US$49.99. Who's getting this?! Let me know in the comments below!