Tuesday 1 April 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Mar 30 2014 - Lots of Gifts

Lots of Gifts

Boring title I know.. but yes there were lots of Gifts the past 2 weekends.

The previous weekend, I received the Mark 5 Fortune Cards from the Advanced Pack.

Here's the list of goodies and epics that I could have received..

Let me repeat.. Could have received.. 
but instead I got these..

All boosts except for 1 Chest of 10 Odin Marks.

Moving on to this past weekend..

There's an ongoing promotion where you can redeem a free hero with this code: MHMGIFT

Just login here and redeem your code and the next time you login, you should receive your gift. Great gift considering you either get a brand new hero to play or a Ultimate Token to level your hero's Ultimate power if you have already unlocked the hero. Anyway, it's free.. I don't even need to be convincing you..

Me? I got Daredevil.

Free upgrade for him when I decide to play him.

And for logging in on this special Saturday..

You get hit by more of David Brevik's cow obsession..

Opening up the crate..

as well as a Portal to each of the Bovine areas and a Cosmic Penta-Boost Potion.

Both the Cow King's Gift and Brevik's Cowbell looks suited for my Colossus. Might try them out sometime.

Anyway.. I haven't been doing much on the game, other than grinding X-Def with Gambit. Gotta do some LQs for more Odin Marks so he can get his Legendary.

First, I got to check out Dr. Strange!

Current goals:
Deadpool: Level 60 (Prestige Level 5)

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 5
Earn 300 Odin Marks for Gambit's Legendary

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 29 (Prestige Level 3)
Gambit: Level 60
Colossus: Level 60
Emma Frost: Level 42
Nightcrawler: Level 31

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 4
Colossus' Legendary: Rank 5
Odin Marks:128