Monday 7 April 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Apr 7 2014 - Enter The Taskmaster!

Enter the Taskmaster!

Marvel Heroes introduced the Taskmaster as an April Fools' Joke, which later became a real playable hero! So, essentially he has become the first playable "villain" as well.

I purchased him for 200 Eternity Splinters as I didn't have enough Gs for the Bundle Pack.

He kinda sucked at first.. his skills are a mash from a couple of other heroes and his basic attacks seem to lack punch. But, as he progressed to the later levels, the better powers started to unlock. 

I was also very undecided on which powers to use for him as there were plenty of choices to choose from. Should I go all Captain powers and match it with Archers ones for range? Or all melee? Or ranged? What about his own unique powers?

Then, I decided to stick to stick true to his style, using different powers from each category; so I decided to go with 1 from each category to support his own main powers.

Archer - Deadly Volley 
Captain - Shield Crush
Devil - Cyclone Club
Spider - Web Cocoon

And his 2 mains will be non-spirit spenders, Rending Swings and .45 Caliber. The spirit on hit from Rending Swings will be good to recharge his spirit and I like the extra Brutal Strike Rating on .45 Caliber.

I definitely need to play around with different combinations of powers but I think I will stick to having 1 from each category to go with the idea that Taskmaster has stolen powers from different heros. 

But I have really enjoyed playing him that I think I'll go all out to Level 60 with this guy. Maybe even do a build guide like the one I did for Colossus. Another thing I like about the playable villains is being able to use their own Medallions for them. Suits them perfectly!

Current goals:
Deadpool: Level 60 (Prestige Level 5)
Taskmaster: Level 60

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 5
Earn 300 Odin Marks for Taskmaster's Legendary

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 29 (Prestige Level 3)
Gambit: Level 60
Colossus: Level 60
Emma Frost: Level 42
Nightcrawler: Level 31
Doctor Strange: Level 25
Taskmaster: Level 46

Deadpool's Legendary: Rank 4
Colossus' Legendary: Rank 5
Odin Marks:198