Friday 25 April 2014

WatchDogs' Multiplayer preview

Was just talking about WatchDogs' Multiplayer the other day and now we have a gameplay video of what we can expect from the multiplayer modes.


Online Contracts - Looks fun, this is going to be great for 1v1 fights. It's going to be a challenge to see who's the better hacker, better gun-man and overall better player.

It looks like you can be 'hacked' anytime so that might get a bit annoying if you intend to do something else but there are people continuously 'hacking' you. Hopefully, we can switch that feature off at times.

CtOS Mobile Companion App - As more and more games are going 'social', this is a free app for the non-hardcore gamers to join in the fun. Of course, hardcore gamers can also join in the fun, when we are not at our consoles. I think this will be a cool way to keep myself entertained when I'm at work or travelling, where I can challenge those playing on the console. This emphasizes the fact that the developers want you to be always connected to the game.

Also, the presenter said he "accepted the challenge from someone on the app" so I'm guessing you can reject the challenge if you don't wish to play?

Competitive Decryption Combat - I love any kind of team death-matches so I'll probably be spending most of my time in this mode. Looks like it's going to be very fun and chaotic at the same time. Definitely seems like a game of action and skill.

What I don't understand is how the transition from single-player to multiplayer is going to be. Anyone played Burnout Paradise? Will it be similar to that where you go 'online' at the press of a button with no loading screen? That looks like the case from the video.

Which is probably why you continue playing as Aiden Pearce online and don't need to create a multiplayer avatar. 

Hopefully, we will see more game modes soon in the near future.

I was planning to get this game for the PS4 and then get a PS4 towards the end of the year but after watching this gameplay video, I'm so tempted to get one earlier just for the multiplayer. Who else is getting this game and which console will you be playing it on?

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