Wednesday 10 February 2016

Multiverse Studio's Ninja Gaiden 1/6 Statue Standard Version Collection Pics

One of my 2015 Black Friday Deals! This went on 50% off and it was time to grab it!

It took a while to get here as they were delaying shipment because they wanted to check on quality assurance. There was a note on their site, stating heat might cause some quality issues with the statue. Was getting a bit annoyed and worried but let's see if it was worth it in the end..

The starting was good..

Absolutely love it when companies give some special care to the art box itself. 

Item Description & Production Team at the back of the box..

Let's take it out then..

The base is littered with body parts and blood. A wet look is given to the blood to make it look realistic but the insides of the body parts looks a bit cartoonish, which isn't actually a bad thing. It gets the point across without being a gore-fest.

Plenty of accessories.. 

hardly see statues with these many accessories. Almost makes it look like a figurine! 

Thankfully, there's an instruction manual to help me out.

Slots in the legs to put in the Kunai Blades..

The base is also accessorized.

Kunai Blades, Shurikens are strewn all over the base to give the statue a dynamic look, showing that Ryu Hayabusa is engaged in an on-going battle at the moment.

Alright, now for Ryu Hayabusa himself..

Love the action pose.. don't think a static pose would have done this character any justice. In full action!

Some close-ups..

Love the detail and the pose!

And to answer my question if the wait was worth it.. it was! The piece was flawless, no paint chips or damage to the statue. All the accessories fit perfectly into their slots, no problem!

However.. the accessories are made of plastic and a bit cheap-looking initially.. but once you put them in their respective slots, they go well with the overall statue.

There's also a LED Light-up feature, will update with some pics later. (They didn't turn out as well in the first shot.) I also purchased the 2 variants for this: The Retro Blue variant and the Bludgeoning Staff variant. Will update with some pics later today..

This one is a very under-rated piece, it didn't seem to get the media attention as much as I think it should have. Couldn't find any unboxed pics of these myself. Hopefully these helps!

I'm not so much of a Ninja Gaiden player to be honest, in fact I have only tried a demo from one of the games. I deemed it too challenging at that point and didn't buy the games but I have always thought of Ryu Hayabusa as one of the coolest gaming characters.

I was hoping to see a Remastered version of the Sigma Trilogy for PS4 but nothing seems to be in the works at the moment. Hopefully, some time in the future.

Amazing statue that should get more recognition!

Fits perfectly in a detolf!

As promised, more pics of the variants and light-up feature coming soon!

Edit: Here are the pics of him lighted up!


Buy yours now at Entertainment Earth!

Ninja Gaiden 3 Ryu Hayabusa 13-Inch Statue