Friday 12 February 2016

So.. No Assassin's Creed Game for 2016?

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that there won't be a Assassin's Creed game for 2016. This comes a month after a Ubisoft developer leaked this news on a forum. Definitely mixed feelings for me regarding this.

This is what Ubisoft had to say about not releasing a AC game this year..

"This year, we also are stepping back and re-examining the Assassin’s Creed franchise. As a result, we’ve decided that there will not be a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2016. Since the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity, we’ve learned a lot based on your feedback. We’ve also updated our development processes and recommitted to making Assassin’s Creed a premier open-world franchise. We’re taking this year to evolve the game mechanics and to make sure we’re delivering on the promise of Assassin’s Creed offering unique and memorable gameplay experiences that make history everyone’s playground."

It's a good decision for the franchise I suppose. Apart from the hardcore fans, most gamers have already been complaining about franchise fatigue for quite a while now.

AC Unity's well-publicized bugs have also contributed to a dip in AC Syndicate's launch sales. As much as I hate to say it, people are getting tired of Assassin's Creed.

Since 2009, Ubisoft have released a major Assassin's Creed game every year, during the Oct-Nov holiday period, without fail. A surprising feat, considering it's such a norm that most AAA titles always gets delayed, to polish up a game. Just makes me wonder if they have been compromising on quality, just so they can get it out in time.

Credit to them.. Apart from AC Unity, Assassin's Creed game launches have been relatively smooth. but the recent games haven't been stunning. The first few AC games were worthy GOTY contenders but these days, they don't even get considered. 

The games have always been fun and the new historical locations are visually stunning and accurate, but the core game-play just hasn't been exciting. Apart from new weapons & gadgets that change up the way you approach targets, it has been more or less the same.

But can we really blame Ubisoft for this? What do we want? Assassin-style fighting in 1 game and then God of War-style slashing in another? 

We just have to accept that the Assassin-style combat will always be there and since the games are coming out yearly, it's going to seem a lot more similar than games that release once every 3-4 years.

While, in my opinion, yearly releases for the AC franchise has somewhat compromised on it's quality, at the same time, it has built this into 1 of gaming's biggest franchises. 

For the past several years, the end-of-the-year period has always been "Assassin's Creed Season" for me. As we draw closer to the game's release, there's plenty of game hype. Accompanied by all sorts of collectibles being released, it has been something to look forward to every year, and I believe many AC fans across the world would agree with me.

The over-arching modern day plot is also kept alive through yearly releases. Imagine Desmond's story being told about 10 years over 3-4 games.. I would probably have forgotten what the hell happened in the previous games. We needed that yearly continuation to keep the plot fresh.

Err.. Remind me again who this guy is supposed to be?
While I was happy with the yearly releases all these years, I think a break for 2016 will turn out to be a welcome boost to the franchise. 

Slower sales recently have shown that the franchise isn't invincible and the Ubisoft teams will need to re-think and re-build the franchise from the ground up and hopefully give it a refreshing new look for the next installment in the AC Franchise.

Besides, Assassin's Creed Season isn't going anywhere! 2016 may not have a AC game but we are still going to explore historical locations and this time we are going to the movies!

Pretty sure, my money's going to be well-spent on more Assassin's Creed Collectibles!