Wednesday 14 May 2014

New house.. Busy Busy!

Hmmm,, It's been almost a week since I posted anything.. Been so busy with my new house stuff. Shopping for household electronics, meeting renovation contractors, checking for defects at new house etc etc.. It's been so tiring and I haven't had proper sleep over the past week. 

It's fun though, planning the layout, choosing colours. Changing your decisions every now and then is stressful but enjoyable knowing that you have looked at all the possibilities - so no regrets in the future..

Anyway, enough with the personal crap.. Apart from all the personal excitement, I'm also looking forward to another thing that I have been dreaming about for the past 3 years..

My very own Man-Cave! Gaming Room! Collectible Room! Whatever you wanna call it..

I will finally have my very own room to display all my collectibles and for my gaming setup! 

My display cabinet is already packed.. I don't think I can squeeze anything else in at the moment so will need more display cabinets.

It's a lot more packed that what you see here..
The dream is to have fully customized display cabinets to display everything in my collection, the way I want it to be displayed so hopefully that will be done some day. 

Money and Space are the 2 hindrances for every collector. I have the Space now, just need the Money now.

One day perhaps, but for now.. I'm happy with the Space I have. Ikea, here I come!