Saturday 17 May 2014

What you can do in WatchDogs shown in 2 different ways

Ubisoft has released 2 videos to show gamers what they can do in Watch Dogs..

Haha ok, the second video was a prank to promote the game. Looks like Ubisoft has too much money in their hands to create such an elaborate and expensive prank to market the game. Maybe that's what they are doing with all the extra money earned from the dozen CEs released for each game.

The first trailer is pretty detailed and gives a detailed look into what we can expect from the game. However, I still don't get how the transition from Single Player to Multiplayer is going to work.

There's going to be plenty of side mission and other stuff that you can do in the game, and it looks like WatchDogs is following the GTA-style. Lots of missions to fill up the open-world is fun when done right but it's starting to get tiring with so many games following that route. 

For me, the plot attracts me most in a game, but with so many side missions, sometimes it just takes the pace off the game. But it still looks good.. running around Chicago in a giant spider-robot is going to be fun.

Pic Source: Gaming Blend

Damn.. I need a PS4 for this game soon. Not too convinced on playing this game on the PS3 even though I might have to wait for a couple more months before I can afford to get the next-gen console. I just want to start this new game franchise or a new console. Which console are you guys getting Watch Dogs on?


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