Friday 23 May 2014

New classes for Evolve and Release Date

There are new classes for Evolve! I wasn't expecting this to be honest. They were promising new maps, new monsters, new game modes but I don't think I ever saw 'New Classes'.

I had the privilege of checking this game at a trial event in Singapore so for those who missed that or want to know more about the game, do check out my previous posts on the different classes, my thoughts etc..

Part 1 of Evolve Trial Event
Part 2 of Evolve Trial Event

The 4 new classes are actually an alternate option from the original 4. But not just re-skins like what I thought.

So you still have the Support, Trapper, Medic and Assault classes but with a different set of skills and a different look for each.

Firstly, do check out Part 1 in the link above to check out the original 4 classes' skills and weapons.

Now.. check out this video for more info on the new 4 classes and a new map!

Bucket, reminds me a little of Claptrap - the noisy Robot.

I'm quite surprised they released New Classes so soon, in fact, even before the game is out. I would have thought they would have let gamers get tired of the original 4 before introducing new ones. 

Wouldn't have surprised me if I saw this as a DLC 3 months down the road, "We have all-new 4 Classes with new Skills and Weapons for a bundle price of $19.99 and if you buy the Season Pass..."

Well, guess that's great to have more options and value in the game itself I guess, without having to fork out more money for every single extra piece of content. Not many publishers tend to do this.. So I won't complain. 

Oh and a new Map which has it's own set of challenges..

To get me more excited, they have a release date for Evolve!

This pic was posted on Evolve's Official Facebook page. So we have a release date, 21st October 2014!

Nice timing, I'll get my PS4 hopefully before that so I can finish WatchDogs and Infamous Second Son before this. Gonna spend tons of hours on this.

Now where's the news on the next Monster?