Tuesday 27 May 2014

So.. apparently...

So... apparently.. 

I wasn't informed that local preorders of the game, or just the Collector's Edition preorders (See.. I still don't know for sure yet), came with these preorder bonuses..

Pic Courtesy of Wilson Teo
What the hell man.. 

I'm most annoyed about that little black box which contains a USB Hub and Card Reader.

This little poster was uploaded onto 1 of the retailer's FB pages but no one else posted it up or mentioned it. Even that retailer said it will be given out as a Lucky Draw prize rather than a guarantee to all preorders. 

And today.. looks like everyone has it :(

Guess I need to keep a better lookout for these local preorders..

For now.. I'm looking for these preorder stuff as well as the KeyBoard Edition if anyone has them for sale. Just contact me at jveron004@gmail.com!

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