Monday 21 March 2016

Hitman Collector's Edition Collection Pics

Got this very recently. Enjoyed the Beta a lot and I liked the look of the statue so decided to go for this..

No disc this time, just a voucher to download the game on PSN.

There has been a few of these Collector's Editions recently where you receive a voucher with the digital code to download the game instead of having a physical disc. Perhaps a norm in the future, with all the talk about games going digital?

The infamous tie and clip

The Artbook

Much bigger than the mini art books I'm so used to, and a pretty thick book with plenty of pages. A nice look into the characters and environments before touching the game.


I was surprised to see that the Hitman statue comes in it's own box and was very well-protected.

No assembly required, it comes as 1 piece..

Love the pose, very calm and calculating.. The producers called this the Chessmaster pose and it sure as hell matches its name.

Not a lot of contents in this Collector's Edition but I liked everything they included. My first entry into the series and I think this Hitman statue is probably the only one I need. This one says everything about Agent 47 that I need to know.

The contents of the CE were also decided by a poll so I'm guessing most people would have been happy with what it included, though I wish they could have added a bit more content.

Will be looking to get into the game asap and post my comments very soon!