Thursday 25 July 2013

Noob Saibot Exclusive Statue from Syco Collectibles

Got a new statue from Syco Collectibles! 

Cool statue! Even cooler back-drop eh?!

Noob Saibot Exclusive 10 Inch Statue from Syco Collectibles! The Exclusive comes with his clone, depicting Noob Saibot's MK9 winning pose.

A closer look..
The clone is given a translucent look which works I guess.
Face (Mask) sculpt is rather accurate to the in-game character model so I'm pleased with that. 

A look at the base shows the Pyramid of Argus from Mortal Kombat Armageddon. I still don't understand the reasoning behind the decision to put a mini-pyramid in between Noob Saibot and his clone though... Many were complaining about that decision so I don't know why they decided against changing it. 

A back-view...
Got #154 from an Edition Size of 200

A fascinating character, Noob Saibot from the MK Universe. He has become one of my favourite characters, along with Scorpion and Cyrax, after Mortal Kombat 9. Also a very fun character to play as!

As much as I love this statue, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth after the Syco Collectibles saga. Word is that they have lost the Mortal Kombat license as well so it seems like we won't be seeing many more from them.

I know, to some established statue collectors, the quality of these were never up to standard so it's not going to be a loss to them. But as a Mortal Kombat fan and one of those who really appreciated the new MK9 designs, I have to say I'm disappointed. Maybe I'm easy to please but the desire for Mortal Kombat figures made me want these badly.

Oh well...