Sunday 28 July 2013

An hour of AC IV goodness from SDCC 2013

Here's an hour of footage from SDCC 2013 for Asssassin's Creed IV.

Plenty of good stuff about AC IV, including a few hints here and there about the future Assassin's Creed games.

Here's a preview poster for the Edward Kenway statue coming from McFarlane Toys..
 (All credit goes to StayFree( ' 3') from the CE forums for taking the photo as well as scanning for this pic)

-14 Inches Tall, 12 Inches Wide and 13.75 Inches Deep
-Individually Numbered
-Limited Quantity Available
-360 deg. Rotating Base (I'm liking this!)
-$295, shipping and handling included (Presumably within the US)
-Certificate of Authenticity signed by Todd McFarlane

Pretty cool pose, don't forget to watch the video where you can see the prototype statue live!